• Cold Aisle Containment

    Installation of Cold Aisle Containment – with most large comms rooms and data centres looking to improve the efficiency of their plant, there is a big move towards the installation of Cold Aisle Containment to ensure that the cooling is directed to the areas where it is needed most.
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  • Data Cabling

    Puffin engineers are experienced with installing end to end copper solutions to Cat5e, Cat6, Ca6a and Cat7 standards. These can either be traditional installations or the cassette to cassette type of installation as offered by manufacturers such as Hellerman Tyton.
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  • Data Centre Migration

    With years of experience, Puffin Solutions can take your equipment out of one site and install in another. Everything will be fully audited, cabled and patched and installed. Puffin Solutions always strive to match your time-scale and budget.
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  • Wireless Wi-Fi

    Puffin resources have been used to deploy wireless APs at a variety of locations. This includes the installation of the copper structure and fibre backbone to bring data to the APs. In some cases Puffin has designed, manufactured custom made items to provide media conversion from fibre to copper and power conversion from DC to AC
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    Backing-Up data is just as important as ever… and not to mention a whole lot easier. A single lost file can be a nightmare for most people but imagine losing entire directories of data, especially when most of the time it can be avoided. Below are a few simple steps you can take to help…

  • Tracking People Through Walls With Wi-Fi

    Recently the researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science Laboratory have been working on a system that can identify people through walls just by using Wi-Fi signals! The technology used, works by detecting the reflections from the Wi-Fi signals when they touch other objects, in this case humans. Then by analysing the data, certain…

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