Our client was one of many Olympic partners through-out the London 2012 games. Our team at Puffin Solutions was tasked with the planning, implementation and management of a complete Wireless Networking system for the games itself. With more than half a million visitors expected for the games, it was vital that the planning and installation of a successful WiFi system was completed with no faults or delays.

The Project

Before any work could commence, we arranged for a number of experienced network supervisors to attend the Olympic site and complete more than 25 site audits and system evaluations in preparation for the works. For the wireless networking system to become a success, we needed a power supply that was capable of handling such a heavy workload. However, no installations or power adjustments could be made before a series of thorough risk assessments were completed.

Our supervisors analysed the potential dangers of working on the site and filed a completed health and safety report to the site and facilities managers. Once the work was agreed and the health and safety officers accepted our assessments, the networking installations could begin.

As this installation was being completed on a very precise time-frame we were limited as to when we could work. Our team ran cables and networking products through-out the night in some cases and made sure that every installation was completed on time. We supplied the client with bespoke engraved labels detailing critical information and emergency contact information.

Feedback from Client

“Following your installation I arranged for a representative to come out and look at the lamppost – he thought it looked “really good” and was particularly impressed with the column insert with the engraved label! I agree with him and think you’ve done a great job. Many thanks to you and your team for the great workmanship, professionalism and flexibility shown so far. I recognise that this is just the start of the rollout but I’m sure you’ll follow this through to a great conclusion”