It’s that time of year again, and the secret santa draws have been made, so what do you get your colleagues? Traditionally, holiday gifts never really had a budget, and in most circumstances, hobbyists would craft something from scratch. However, these days we tend to have a budget in place, so why not consider these secret santa ideas for techies?

Usable Gifts

Gifts that are used every day are simply the best kind, so why not try to find your colleague the perfect everyday item? If your colleague is into their tech or is associated with a lot of networking products, why not consider a useful USB drive? There are so many out there, all coming with different designs and speeds. Quite simply a great gift ideas for data cabling professionals and networking engineers.

An owner of tablet or iPad? Why not consider a flexible skin? Again, there is a lot of designs available, and they are extremely useful!

Making Everyday Life Easier

We all know that technology seems to be dominating the world at the moment. Consider some mobile or tablet related accessories for your secret santa; items such as texting gloves are extremely popular as they allow you to use your mobile device without getting your fingers out in the cold weather! Perfect!

Something to drink?

Anyone that is employed in an office or server environment will become stressed. Over the Christmas period, there isn’t anything better than a nice glass of wine in front of the fire with the family to help you relax. There are many brands out there that are affordable so don’t panic – you don’t need to spend a fortune.

Something outside the box?

Why not consider creating a personalised hamper? Without being too obvious try to get an idea of their snacking habits and small treats. You will be able to get hold of a smaller box to put all of the gifts in, and it will certainly add a personalised touch.

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