Is your businesses network working the way it is supposed to? Do you have enough storage for your business network? Do you know if your server is secure? If you are a small business with documents that need extra security have you thought about installing a server? Could your business information be lost instantly if your computers break? We are going to discuss the importance of a server for your business.

What is the importance of a server?

Many people assume a server is much like a PC desktop which is a big misconception. PC can hold a server operating system, but this often doesn’t work in the same way a server system does. A server is made to manage, store, send information and process data all the time. It will work 24 hours a day and is extremely reliable compared to a desktop. There are a number of features you can find on a server that will provide you with the best network for your business including:

  • Dual processor – this refers to a system having two separate processors. Instructions and information are sent through both processors allowing computers and networks to perform faster compared to using just a desktop PC.
  • Redundancy – this means the information you wish to store is saved in more than one location. Meaning if it was to ever go down for any reason you have it stored in another location, so information is not lost.
  • Hot-swappable components – a hot-swap component means that if for any reason your server has a loss of power, device failure or storage device failure you are able to swap components while your computer system remains in operation.
  • Scalable – this means that you are able to meet current needs and also future needs.
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    If you currently have a peer to peer network, you’ll find that they don’t have much in the way of security. With a peer to peer network, you can find yourself getting into a range of problems such as accessing workstations can become difficult, you might experience loss of data due to viruses or spyware, and you may also find that your internet becomes intermittent.

    If you work for a business with high security or you, have areas within the company where you don’t want other staff members to know the information such as finance you can prevent unauthorised users from accessing this information. You will also find that by having a server, you can have information accessible from all computers within your business rather than having them stored on one or multiple desktops. This is especially important as if your workstation or desktop PC is to fail you haven’t lost all work, they can simply log on from another desktop and access their documents.

    Employees can make personal folders stored on the server. This will improve the way your business works as this information is often backed up overnight meaning if anything is to go wrong with their desktop all files will remain intact and accessible.

    Virus management

    One of the greatest threats to your business is potential hackers or virus interrupting your network. It’s important that you think about having good anti-virus software installed into your system, in a small business of employees under ten sometimes this can be managed individually, but this is also dependent of the job you are in. If you are a business where the information is sensitive or could damage your business, it’s essential that you have this installed on your server.

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    Increased reliability

    Many servers now come with a redundant power supply meaning if your experiencing loss of power your server will still run. This means no data is lost in this case and data is still able to back up during this time.

    Many servers work in RAID configuration preventing loss of data, and you will find you won’t have a disruption in workflow. As previously mentioned you’ll find your unit is more reliable due to hot-swapping components, so you never have to worry if a part of your server needs replacing.

    Back up

    Its critical that all business back up all their data on a regular basis. We have often been into small businesses where they don’t implement a back up frequently and have experienced loss of data. By having all your employee information and data stored on a server, it can be backed up reliably and quickly meaning no disruption to daily work. With frequent backups, it also makes it a lot easier for your employees to access the information from different workstations.

    There are a number of back up devices now available to your including an SSD Drive, CD’sm removal storage or Network Attached Storage. You can get SSD Drives from a range of places including SCAN which provide both 16GB and 32GB dependent on your business needs. We often recommend having one for each day of the week; you should also take these off-site to a secure location.


    You will often find that none of the above is possible without a good server installed into your workplace. A good server will help you manage all the data in your business and if for any reason you do experience power cuts or even an employees workstation is not working you can still access data, and it can be fixed with no disruptions to day to day business. If you have a peer to peer network, you may want to think about how secure this really is for your business. If you have sensitive data or customer information you should most definitely think about having a server installed. Not only can it offer you a range of protection for your data it can also ensure that none of it is lost. We always recommend installing anti-virus software to ensure your network and information is as safe as it possibly can be. Additionally you may want to think about having a data cabinet or rack installation as this will prevent anyone from being able to tamper with your server.

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