Call centres have been in use for a number of years now and are used for a range of business needs such as customer service, internal and external support, telemarketing and much more. A wide range of businesses need a call centre for them to efficiently operate, here we are going to tell you companies that may require a contact call centre and the benefits of having one.

What is a contact call centre?

A contact call centre is a centralised hub whereby customers or employees can phone for assistance or information. They generally have the ability to take a large volume of calls over the course of specific hours. There are two types of call centres; inbound is normally used for customer service and support whereas outbound is used for telemarketing.

Contact call centre plays a significant role in the running and operations of a business, they are the first point of call for the customer and can often be how an organisation retains customer loyalty.

Business that need a call centre

Below are a few business sectors that are more likely to require a case study along with call centre uses:

  • Online retailers – customer service and complaints are one of the main uses of a call centre for online retailers other uses include: marketing research, customers inquiries and telephone orders.
  • Internal IT support – for large organisations an internal IT support team is essential to the running of the business. Unfortunately, not everyone is IT savvy and often requires the help of IT professionals so their work can be more productive.
  • Banking and financial services – banks often need a customer support number for customers to contact. A call centre is often critical to the running of customers accounts and day to day transactions.
  • Government – call centres are required for many different government sectors which include: automotive bureaus, police stations and passport offices.
  • Travel and transport – bus, trains and airlines often need a call centre for customers to call to make bookings, find out more information regarding a journey and to make cancellations.
  • Medical – here in the UK we have a medical line whereby ill or concerned people can call for medical advice rather than going to the doctors or straight to A&E.
  • Insurance – call centres are essential to the way insurance companies work, it is one of the main ways insurance companies obtain customer information.

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Why does my business need a call centre?

Implementing a contact call centre allows your business to be more productive, they allow you to collect and analyse data along with observing trends of customer handling. This allows your business or organisation to make improvements on the way your company operates.

Telephony services is great for your business to improve communication efficiency. Telephony systems are a great way of managing your call centre to best suit your business. You can install a queuing system which means you will never miss a call, while the customer waits you can also inform them of any features of your products or services along with any relevant information. You can also improve the customer’s journey through the call centre by allowing them to choose a department where they can speak to a dedicated agent who is more knowledgeable about the customer’s specific needs and requirements.

Why does a call centre give me a competitive edge?

Call centres provide businesses with a competitive edge; customers are more likely to be loyal to your company as they know they can contact you at any time for information or assistance. Another thing to consider is if you have the call centre within the UK customers are more likely to ring as they know it is easier to speak to someone compared to abroad. While you may think it is cheaper to outsource by bringing it all in-house your business becomes more in sync with every aspect of the company. This allows you to improve business strategy along with improving services and products for customers.

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Our 6 top tips for setting up a call centre

  • Firstly you need to think about how many people you are going to need to hire for your contact call centre to work effectively.
  • Decide where you would like to locate the contact centre, you want to think about the type of people you are trying to bring into your contact centre, what skills they may need. We also recommend having it within a specific proximity of your headquarters. Being close to head quatres often means employees feel more aligned with the brand, it is also better for the business if you need to hold conferences or training days for staff.
  • Choose technology that best suits your business. Headsets are one of the most important pieces of technology to think about we recommend looking at Viking-Direct. As well as new telephony technology are you going to need to think about getting a customer relationship management tool? Software development companies can help improve the way you handle customers along with their personal information and data. You may also want to think about storage of data, do you have a server or are you going to need data centre installation? Another thing to take into consideration is new GDPR laws which come into play 25th May 2018, if you would like more information we recommend looking at EU GDPR, you can also use a number of resources from IT Governance to effectively train staff.
  • Ensure you have enough time to implement the contact call centre and make it as productive as possible, many organisations downfall when setting up a call centre is they do not give it enough time to work effectively. After initial set up you need to analyse the effectiveness of call traffic, how customers are handled and whether customer queries are being answered in the best way possible.
  • All staff must be trained before the contact call centre has been opened. Ensure all your agents have the right information and are extremely knowledgeable, so they are don’t have any hiccups once you open.
  • Motivation is key, unfortunately, call centre staff can sometimes lack motivation as the job can sometimes be repetitive and tedious, ensure you have a strong management team to keep motivation levels high and productivity to a maximum.
  • Summary

    Call centres are great to implement into your business if you need a customer support team, support with in the business or general enquiries team. It gives your business a competitive edge as customers can get in touch at any point of their customer journey. It will improve the way your business runs, making the business more efficient

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