Fibre Optical Cable Light

Advantages of fibre optic cabling

Here we discuss what we think are the main advantages of fibre optics and how they can benefit you. If you’re planning a new network cabling installation or contemplating an...

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Connect Home Network

How to Connect to Your Home Wifi Hub

Incredibly a lot of the searches that customers and users use when they come onto our website include certain ways that they can connect to their fibre routers and broadband hubs a...

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How to Secure a Network

10-Year Anniversary for Puffin Solutions

Looking back, if you told me in 2007 that we would launch Puffin Solutions and ten years on we’d be performing better than ever, gaining new clients, installing incredible IT inf...

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IT Systems for Schools

IT Systems Needed in Every School

Every school relies on teaching in the modern ere; this typically includes a host of modern software and hardware. However, not every school in the UK is equipped with the latest t...

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