Computer Room

Ideas to improve school environment

Teaching is a difficult job which many people don’t tend to think about, looking after 30 kids all day and trying to get their attention can be a tricky task. There is a rang...

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Productive Team

7 tips on how to improve your office

Some of the most successful companies have some of the happiest employees. A lot of businesses thinking motivating and inspiring their staff means giving them bonuses and pay rises...

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Big Data

Importance of a server for your business

Is your businesses network working the way it is supposed to? Do you have enough storage for your business network? Do you know if your server is secure? If you are a small busines...

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Man Network Engineer

Benefits of being a network engineer

Technology is forever changing and improving the way we work and live. As a network engineer, there are a number of responsibilities you will be in charge of including the computer...

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