Data Centre Migration

Data Centre Migration Solutions

The logistics behind a data centre migration, particularly where physical data centre hardware relocation is concerned, are business-critical. Our logical relocation and migration approach to moving data centres includes:

  • Planning
  • Detailed risk assessment
  • Thorough inventory management
  • The logistics behind the physical relocation and security
  • Installation and handover sign-off, according to best practice guidelines.


Each project design is entirely bespoke in order to support your data centre management team as much as possible. We put our facilities and years of experience at your disposal.

Puffin Solutions ensures your infrastructure is safely removed from one site and transferred to your new data centre. We have an excellent track record of relocating data centres on time and within budget, even when this has meant transporting hardware halfway around the world.

Call 0845 413 6000 or email to book a consultation and speak to an experienced project manager.

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