Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle Containment Equipment

Having great quality, custom-built cold aisle containment systems in place is an efficient way of controlling the temperature of server racks and energy costs. With IT and data infrastructure becoming ever-more complex, we provide bespoke solutions to suit any business – small or large.

It doesn’t matter whether you are local to our base in Milton Keynes, somewhere in the EU or Dubai; we have the flexibility and experience to deliver.

Why choose us?

Ultimately, cold aisle containment equipment optimises the flow of air within your data centre, by reducing energy costs and keeping cool air to the inlet side of racks. We source the sheet metal walls, doors and ceilings of a high standard to separate hot and cold aisle. This means that hot air from the data centre won’t be recirculated and mixed with the cold inlet air, preventing in-rack hot spots from developing over time and speeding up the cooling process. Instead, it goes straight to the HVAC unit for cooling.

We also use our accredited technical expertise to supply high quality air flow and air conditioning systems, for truly effective containment. We can supply high-volume air conditioning systems that consume minimal power due to the lack of recirculated hot air.

By using our cold aisle containment equipment, you are extending the future lifespan of the IT systems. This is because they are kept at the ideal temperatures, without the worry of hot spots. We also understand that every IT facility is different, so have various equipment shapes and sizes to fit all rooms.

Puffin Solutions provide under-floor plenums, floor/ceiling voids, racks and more as part of our cold aisle containment range. Call 0845 413 600 or email to discuss your needs with a specialist.

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