Our client is a global technology organisation that has been operating in over 170 countries worldwide, exploring how technology and services can help people and companies address their problems and challenges every day. By providing infrastructure and business solutions that include handheld devices and supercomputer installations, our client continues to become one of the most powerful technological organisations in the world.

The Project

As our client was at the very top of technological advances, they were awarded a global VoIP roll-out as a world leading developer and manufacturer. Puffin Solutions was drafted in to provide state of the art engineering resources for the UK based roll-out for this expansive VoIP installation. The project scope was to project manage and install upgraded network cabinets, switches, routers and UPS into a number of manufacturing and sales facilities. It was absolutely vital that downtime was kept to an absolute minimum and the quality of the network connection remained unaffected.

Despite having a team of networking engineer employed themselves, our clients team were better suited to the configuration and commissioning of hardware instead of the complete installation of hardware that the Puffin team were able to provide.

Phase one consisted of power circuit installations to allow the provisioning of a UPS. One of the Puffin engineers was made available to assist with the installation of the electronic power circuits to ensure that everything was installed correctly and was fully operational. As soon as the electric points were installed we completed a test installation with one of the cabinets. Our aim was to understand exactly which network cabinet was best suited to the new environment. Absolutely everything was considered, including size, shape, weight, noise level – absolutely everything to ensure that the installation was perfect.

During any network project such as this, there are numerous challenges that are greeted along the way. These included working alongside numerous departments and ensuring that every team collaborated correctly without compromising the project deadlines, we needed to be specifically careful with the new BT circuit as it had already been installed before we could relocate it to the new cabinet and on a number of occasions we needed to install last minute power circuits to meet the requirements of the new network.

Feedback from Client

The engineering team that Puffin Solutions were able to bring together was fantastic. Their experience in handling a national roll-out was absolutely crucial and was clear to see through-out this global task. They were able to work alongside our team, meeting deadlines, overcoming challenges and ensuring that the roll-out was never left in the dark. Puffin Solutions was professional, efficient and reassuring through-put our entire project.