Our client was located in Plymouth, UK and they had outgrown their existing server room. They approached Puffin Solutions to assist with the redesign and installation of a new facility. Following a successful consultation, our client decided to utilise space within another floor of its existing premises to house it’s new server room.

The Project

Once the design had been signed off and confirmed with the client, the Puffin engineers were able to begin decommissioning the existing equipment, log their locations and rack numbers, ready for the relocation. In preparation for the new location, the Puffin engineers installed new power sockets and network data cabling, prior to testing  and full equipment labelling.

With the data cabinets and racks in the new locations, Puffin Solutions were able to install the data and power infrastructure that would support the new devices. The network equipment was brought to the new location and installed immediately before being completely powered up and commissioned.

Feedback from Client

Despite encountering a couple of challenges, Puffin Solutions were able to complete the redesign and relocation of our server room within the deadline that was originally agreed. The confines of the building meant that specific care had to be taken with the relocation of hardware, however, the experience of Puffin Solutions allowed the work to be completed safely and on time. I am delighted to say that the network and database was brought back online before our planned deadline.