Founded in 2003, our client has evolved from into hot-spot provider, into one of the best broadband networks in Europe.

In addition to thousands of indoor locations, our client also provide extensive external coverage in reputable cities such as Amsterdam, Stuttgart and London.

With a successful expansion plan currently in progress, they have already expanded in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands and Norway as well as looking for ongoing development opportunities.

Partnering with some of the largest telecommunication operators, device manufacturers and international broadcasters, our client is able to deliver a world class broadband experience for those on the move.

The Project

A key driver to the project was to minimise the impact on existing service levels to both national and international clients. As a result, Puffin Solutions worked with the client to produce a phased programme of works where key clusters of servers and associated network hardware were decommissioned, broken down, relocated and re-installed in a single move. It was vital that we completed these tasks as quickly as possible, with minimal downtime.

As a number of these networking products where currently live, it was essential that we completed the relocation’s out of office hours to prevent a loss of efficiency.

Before the move could be completed, we arranged for one of our supervisors to complete an audit at the original site. This allowed us to record a patching schedule so that we could replicate the same level of connectivity at the new site. As we relocated the products, each system was powered down as the services were taken off of each device.

The associated devices included rails, power supplies, data cabling and other networking equipment. Each item was carefully powered down, packed and loaded for transportation to the new site. Once complete, our team unloaded the data equipment and carefully started the installations. The original data connectivity was installed in line with the original site audit. When the data installations were complete, the power cables were reconnected ready for a full system set-up, due to be completed by the client.

To ensure that regular maintenance was completed with ease, we made sure that our team correctly colour coded and labelled the new network cables and power supplies. From experience, we have known that this makes the ongoing maintenance tasks a lot quicker and easier for the attending technician.

Clients Requirements

Working for one of the leading service providers in the world is a fantastic honour. However, it certainly comes with it’s challenges – something that we welcome!

The relocation was due to continued international growth and our client had built a custom facility just outside London, on the outskirts of the M25 motorway. We were contacted and asked to relocate the hosting facility to the new location.

Time-scales were tight. The lease agreement for the existing location was due to expire, increasing the pressure on the Puffin team. We needed to get our clients data and hosting relocated, without impacting their service for their own customers.

Feedback from Client

“We are delighted with the work that Puffin Solutions have completed for us under such demanding circumstances. Our lease at our current base was due to expire and we need all of our data centre equipment and storage space relocated in record time. A friend and business partner had previously used Puffin for a similar relocation and highly recommended them. The site audit was completed and the transportation was organised and the move was underway. Once the equipment had been re-installed, everything was so much easier to operate. The quality of the new cabling and labelling of existing equipment made our jobs far easier with regards to regular servicing and maintenance. “