Setting up a completely new rack installation takes time. Simply, “jumping the gun” and hoping to get everything completed in record time will certainly make you some money, but it will lose you clients, and quickly. The next time you are looking to tidy up your cabling management, use these 6 steps.

Managing a cabling installation effectively takes a lot of skill and precision, as well as a lot of patience. Before you start you should consider the preparation, the capacity of the racks, safety measures, how you’re securing the cable, labelling and any mobile devices.

Cable Management Preparation

Like any IT project, whether it be hardware or network equipment – good planning will lead to an easier and better organised finished project. Naturally every single home study and office is completely different, the surrounding are different and layouts. As with any network cable installation, your ability to measure accurately will have an effect on the finished product.

Rack Capacity

It’s simple really – never overfill the storage rack. Now it’s easily done, only a small amount of cable to allocate to a certain storage rack and the last remaining storage device can become quite appealing. If you overfill the rack, the chances of heat damages and an electrical fire are greatly increased.

Safety Measures

Children, Pets and Cables are almost certainly never associated with data cabling, and rightly so. If you are a networking engineer or parent, your responsibility doesn’t stop at moving and untangling cable. You need to ensure that the wiring is out of reach and any electrical points are safely secured, preventing electrocution.

How to Secure Cabling

Now securing network cabling is one of the easier tasks, however, making sure that the cable is not over-tightened is extremely important. If you tighten the cabling too much and take it over the limit, it can damage the cable insulation and lead to a faulty connection. There are many cable ties out there that will help you secure your data cabling, without tightening too much.


Whether you are a professional data cabling installer or a home DIY buff. Labelling your cables can be extremely beneficial and help prevent incidents in your home or workplace. You can take a look over at for a full range of label printers to help you with this.

Mobile Devices

Make sure that your mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart-watches, anything that requires charging isn’t effecting the flow of data cabling. Over-crowded cable areas can be a massive fire hazard and should be avoided.

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