A colocation data centre within the UK won a project with one of the top ten IT companies in the world to provide two data halls with brand new equipment. This included racks, containment, cabling and Cold Aisle Containment.

Puffin Solutions Ltd was approached by the client to provide pricing for the installation of Puffin’s Cold Aisle Containment system. This would be a unique installation of 6 PODs of Cold Aisle Containment to be suspended from the data halls ceiling. This would provide the client the ability to remove racks from the Cold Aisle Containment, without having to compromise the structural integrity of the solution. Puffin won this project and proceeded to deliver the project.

The Project

The first step of the installation required a site survey to determine positions of the aisles as the racks would not be in place for the installation. All heights of the roof sections and door ends would need to be based on exact dimensions.

Once a site survey was completed, the installation could commence. The first POD was installed and tested by the client to confirm that the solution met their requirements. Once this was signed off continued with the installation of the remaining aisles within the first data hall (4 PODs in total). Due to the tight schedules of the client, Puffin worked through multiple weekends until all PODs were complete and working to a high standard.

Puffin returned to site to complete the final two PODs within the second data hall. These were a different size and length to the previous hall, and additional site surveys were required prior to installation.

Feedback from Client

“Working with some tight time scales, Puffin Solutions managed to meet all deadlines and still achieve the high standards required. The solution was a huge success and is now being deployed by various other clients”