Installing data centres or server centres takes time and a lot of planning. A lot of businesses rush into fitting a new server room and do not consider every aspect and how they can make it as efficient as possible. This article will discuss 4 key areas of data centre installations and why they are important.

4 Key areas of data centre installation

The connection your users has with your server is very important. Too slow and the workforce’s efficiency will decrease and cause delays. The quality of the data cabling you install with your centre can have a dramatic effect on how efficient it is.

There are many forms of cabling available and it is up to your networking expert to install the correct one. If you are not fortunate enough to employ a networking technician full time, consider hiring a temporary contractor to assist with the installation.

This next area may seem a little silly, but the data cabinets – or server cabinets that they are sometimes called are very important and do not just storage hardware. The size of the cabinet can go one of two ways. It can either be too big or too small.

A small cabinet will not be able to house as much hardware, and you may have to purchase more than one if you run a large corporate office.

A large cabinet will take up too much space and cause congestion and over-heating. It’s worth consulting with a data cabinet installation company to help point you in the right direction.

The software you run on your system is critical. It’s important to run a program or database that your IT team are familiar with and can easily maintain. After all, there is no point in using a system that nobody understands.

When it comes to storage – you want plenty of it, and I don’t just mean physical space. Cloud computing and storage space is becoming more popular – try to utilise an online storage feature that gives you a significant amount of storage for a minimal cost.

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