A multinational technology conglomerate won a project with a Multinational Consumer Goods Giant to provide a brand new Private Cloud based solution for its business. In order to deliver these services the Client had made the decision to build a brand new redundant infrastructure within two of their data centres. This involved deploying high speed, high availability, fibre based servers and network devices.

Both sites would have a similar layout and would require the equipment to be installed in set positions and cabled to an exact standard set by the client. Once each of these systems have been completed, testing of the units would be required, alongside creating unique Project documentation related to each site. Puffin Solutions won this project and proceeded to deliver the project.

The Project

Before installation could take place, Puffin Solutions assisted in the design of the solution for each site. The High Level Design was analysed allowing Puffin Solutions to create a connectivity diagram. The connectivity then allowed Puffin to develop rack layouts which in turn allowed for the creation of a detailed patching schedule. This was submitted to the client for discussion and review until the final design was confirmed and approved. Puffin Solutions sourced all cabling (fibre and copper) needed for the installations and manufactured bespoke lengths to suit the purpose of the final design.

Shortly after finalising the design, Puffin was required to dispatch teams to each site to commence with the ‘racking and stacking’ each piece of hardware into the exact positions within the 19” cabinets. Each piece of hardware’s serial numbers and device host names were documented and submitted to project management to create a Network Implementation Plan per site. Once the all the hardware had been installed, Puffin proceeded with installing all associated intra rack cabling. Alongside the copper and fibre, additional Twinaxial cabling supplied by the client was installed exactly to the design of the patching schedule. Each cable is tested and labelled once connectivity had been confirmed.

Feedback from Client

The overall project was a complete success, with several last minute changes added making time scales and changes to paperwork difficult, however Puffin Solutions managed to meet all deadlines, make any changes that were required, alongside keeping an exceptional high standard.