It’s that time of the year again!

The Christmas decorations are opened (if they haven’t been already) and the offices up and down the country are starting to get decorated for the festive season.

This year, our team at Puffin Solutions thought we would give everyone an insight into our office and get to know a few members of the team a little bit better.

Puffin Solutions is a national data cabling and IT infrastructure installer. We have been fortunate enough to work with some of the leading organisations in the UK, assisting them with their wiring installations, management and hardware infrastructure.

If you fancy topping up your hardware knowledge or are looking for a little extra information, you can always take a look at our blog. We offer advice and support through articles, how-to guides and publish industry news. One of our recent articles goes into how you can backup your data safely and what sources are best to utilise.

Puffin solutions Christmas office

Here you can see the brightly coloured Puffin office, located in Milton Keynes. We also have a second office based in London to help manage our clients that are based solely in the capital.

We have many excellent members of staff, all great at what they do, whether it be IT support, cabling advice or project management and planning for an upcoming installation.

Our most popular services that we offer our clients include data cabling, cabling management, data migrations and aisle containment systems.

Here is a little more information on some of our most popular services.

Data Cabling

Being well connected in the business industry is key, and not just from a personal contact perspective. It has proven that companies with more efficient data cabling structures can act quicker, work faster and achieve more in a standard working day.

Data cabling comes in many forms. That’s exactly why we offer every one of our clients a completely free consultation.

One of our extremely professional engineers (as you can see from the picture below!) will be able to provide professional advice and support to help you and your business make the right decision for your communications infrastructure.

Puffin worker with Christmas hat

Cabling Management

You will be surprised how many corporate offices we go into, only to discover a poorly maintained server room and cabling infrastructure.

Time and time again we enter a project and have to provide additional quotations for wiring management is unreal. It seems that business owners do not understand the hindrances of poorly maintained cables.

If data cables are left hanging and loose, they increase the risk of downtime and come with many potential dangers, including increased risks of fires. Not only is this extremely dangerous, but it runs the risk of losing your data, should your office space burn to the ground.

Puffin solutions engineer with reindeer hat

Our cabling consultants can work with business owners to help educate them and make then more aware of the risks involved with poor wiring management.

Just a couple of benefits includes; Increased connection speeds, improved efficiency, increased productivity, reduced downtime.

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