A European Telecommunications equipment and ICT company are partnered with one of the biggest technology companies in the world. They are providing a telepresence solution for this Client in their offices across the globe. Puffin was approached, after successfully installing various other hardware projects for this company, to provide pricing for installing various types of integrated video collaboration room systems across over 50 locations worldwide.

Puffin won this project and would be in charge of installing and commissioning these systems at these sites over several months. The project would involve managing several teams across multiple locations at the same time. Once on site, the room system would need to be inspected, the connectivity tested, the system constructed and cabled to a high standard and then commissioned by contacting the NOC to complete the commissioning of the system.

The Project

In this well structured project, there was a training session where the different systems were built and then taken apart so all the teams were familiar with the installation process. This proved invaluable.

Puffin assisted with the production of Site Survey Documentation that would be completed by the Client. This would ensure that the site was ready and aid the installation process. Installation documents have been developed by Puffin that contain essential information for the installation teams. This information includes site details, locations, site contacts, installation location and IP data required to configure the system. Puffin’s teams then travel to each site, sign in with security and proceed to inspect the items for damages, and check the room for connectivity.

telecommunication room installation completed

Over the following days, Puffin Solutions construct, cable and configure each device. Finally the Puffin teams make contact with the NOC where they assist with the updating and testing of the device. Once confirmed the team follow a documented process to take pictures and document the sign off for each device before leaving site. This includes ensuring that the site is tidy and clear of any rubbish.

Finally a document is submitted to confirm the successful installation. This includes a copy of the Sign Off Document signed by the client, pictures of the installed hardware and screen shots taken during the commissioning phase.


The overall project was a complete success. Challenges included connectivity issues and the accuracy of information however by working with the Client, these issues were greatly reduced by the end of the project.