Recently we have had a number of enquiries relating to residential cabling safety and how it can be improved. The trick is, it can never truly be made 100% safe.

Unfortunately, children are extremely curious beings and take it upon themselves to investigate some of the most dangerous areas in household properties, and especially in areas that contain wires or slots that they could potentially put their little fingers into.

Keeping an eye on the children whilst they are near an electrical outlet is the best solution. However, arrange for any playing time to be done away from any hazards and electrical points. This will dramatically reduce the risk of any electrical injuries.

Data Cabling

Data cabling or network cabling can be found in 99% of properties here in the UK.

With so many households connected to the internet, it’s actually harder to find a home that doesn’t have any kind of network set-up.

If you do have data cabling installed in your home, ensure that it is managed correctly. The cables should be perfectly crimped, ends should be tightened and the wiring itself should be organised and maintained with cabling ties.

Taking these small but significant precautions can make a huge difference in your home.

IT Hardware

Domestic hardware will generally include desktop PC’s, external hardrives, switches and even small routers.

It is important to keep these items out of the way of small children.

Any damages to these forms of equipment could significantly reduce its performance and result in costly repairs or replacements.


Overall, data cabling installation isn’t uncommon in residential properties. However, just like in larger commercial installations, a number of precautions and measures must be taken first.

Any data cabling should be crimped, tight and out of reach.

IT hardware needs to be secured and away from investigative minds. Damages to any hardware equipment could be costly, resulting in repairs or replacements.

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