Like any specialised field, there are many tools available to make the job that little bit easier. Data cabling is one of the major installation strategies for cabling professionals and businesses as it enables a business to have a more streamlined cabling structure.

There are many cabling tools available for installers. The most popular and frequently used include voltage testers, cable strippers, LAN cabling testers, electrical pliers and measuring tapes.

Cabling Tools for Data Engineers

All of these play a major part in the successful installation of structured data cabling for businesses.

Voltage Testers

Voltage testers are traditionally quite small tools for cabling installers to have available. They are usually pen-sized and are able to fit comfortably into a technicians pocket without taking up too much space.

The voltage tester will usually measure a range between 12-600V AC. This very handy tool is adjustable and can be utilised for tracing wires behind walls, at switches and even at receptacles.

Cabling Strippers

These do exactly what they suggest for installers. Another smaller sized tool that simply strips the outer jacket from the conductors on CAT5 or CAT6 cable, security cabling and even telephone lines.

Cabling strippers are every useful for adjusting cabling bundles to specific lengths. In some cases, the outer casing of data cabling may be too long and require adjustment before the initial installation.

LAN Cabling Testers

If you are a data cabling installer that specialises in communication installations then a LAN cabling tester will be one of the first tools that you pack into your toolkit. LAN cable testers check for wiring faults and errors in coaxial cables and telephone lines.

An added bonus of LAN cabling testers is that they are able to make accurate readings of cable as high as 97%. They also determine the continuity of wiring patterns and can be used alongside coaxial, CAT7, CAT6 and CAT5 twisted and cord network faults.

Electrical Pliers

Just like standard pliers, electrical pliers are used to cut cabling to size safely, without the risk of electrocution. Unlike traditional pliers, electrical pliers tend to be higher in quality and more capable of tackling thicker materials. Pliers used for data cabling installations are usually approximately 6-inches long and have a blade that is approximately 2-inches in length.

Their small size makes them perfect for fitting into a cabling installer’s belt alongside cabling testers. These pliers are frequently used for cutting steel wire, nails and screws.

Measuring Tapes

A pretty straightforward tool really and one that every cabling installer should have handy. Cabling measuring tapes can usually be found in any reputable DIY store and are typically approximately 8-cm in length.

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