Project Requirement

The Client approached Puffin Solutions Ltd with a problem. They had an existing network infrastructure within their office however it had become unreliable and very difficult to manage.

In addition it had become very untidy at the aggregation point for the cables. As the Client was growing rapidly they needed to make sure that they had sufficient network resources to support this continued growth.

The Project Scope

The first part of the work was to move the aggregation point from its existing location in a reception area to a new location where it was less obstructive. This meant jointing the existing cables so that there was sufficient length to move the aggregation point. The joint was done using Siemon 110 Connection Blocks that are approved for jointing solid cable.

Next, new cables were run in to provide infrastructure to areas where new desks had been installed. All the outlets were then re-labelled with port numbers that corresponded to the ports on the patch panel making the infrastructure much more manageable.

With the new infrastructure in place, Puffin was able to test the entire infrastructure with the Fluke DSX. The results were recorded and submitted to the Client to confirm the performance of the infrastructure.
The active equipment was then installed back into the cabinet and all the ports re-patched so that all ports were live when the office started work on the following day.

Final touches included replacing damaged dado trunking and missing parts, tidying up cables within the office areas and ensuring that the office matched the clean, professional image portrayed by the business.


The work needed to be completed over a weekend to prevent disruption to the operations of the office. This was achieved to the satisfaction of the office.

Puffin Solutions can assist with the implementation of data migration tasks and data centre refurbishment.