Looking back, if you told me in 2007 that we would launch Puffin Solutions and ten years on we’d be performing better than ever, gaining new clients, installing incredible IT infrastructure and working for some of the biggest brands in the world – I’d have bitten your hand off.

Well . . .

This week marks 10-years since Puffin Solutions first appeared on the scene and were registered with Companies House and we couldn’t be happier.

Changes Over the Years:

Since 2007, the company has changed a lot. When we first launched, we found ourselves working out of a pretty basic office in Luton called Capability Green.

As the company started to establish itself, we began gaining contracts and starting new installations. With those bigger projects coming in at a steady rate we were able to upgrade our office to a larger plot with warehouse storage in Newton Longville.

Incredibly, 10-years later we’ve continued to grow, taking on larger projects, huge installations and more staff. As a result, we now operate from our base here in Milton Keynes, with both office and warehouse space.

Puffin Solutions

2017 and Beyond . . .

With our new office and warehouse space, we’re able to welcome our clients into our unit for extensive testing before any cabling installations for offices or businesses.

We have a large staging area that allows us to test multiple platforms before the deployment and installation on site.

Of course, from this point we want to continue working hard and working with large organisations. We continue to offer a real variety of services that are perfectly suited to a number of industries that include; Schools and Education Facilities, Hospitality and Hotels, Office Blocks and more.

Thank You For Your Support:

From everyone here at Puffin Solutions, we’d love to thank all of our customers (past and present), all of our suppliers and anyone that has been associated with the business over the last 10-years.

Without you, we wouldn’t be able to operate and be the successful organisation that is continuing to grow at every opportunity.

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