IT Systems for Schools

Every school relies on teaching in the modern ere; this typically includes a host of modern software and hardware. However, not every school in the UK is equipped with the latest technology that allows them to take teaching in 2017 to a whole new level.

If you’re a school network manager or head of IT, then sit tight because we are going to discuss a few common IT systems that every school should have installed to make teaching easier and learning more enjoyable.

What Installations Are Available for Schools?

Schools typically rely on a small selection of installations to get them going, making teaching much easier in the process. We have found that schools naturally benefit from the following services:

  • Data Cabling and Management
  • Server Room Installations and Rack Space
  • AV Systems (Audio Visual)
  • Announcements and Public Address Systems
  • Security and Ongoing Network Support

Data Cabling and Management for Education Facilities:

The correct data cabling for schools is hugely important in 2017. Educational facilities rely heavily on cloud computing and technology to not only teach but to assign projects and collect assignments.

However, standard cabling installations do limit schools, colleges and universities as the volume of usage is significantly higher than what is typically found in a residential home.

Some schools enrol up to a few thousand pupils at a time and even if 10% of those are using the intranet system at one time, that potentially more than a couple of hundred at once.

Fibre cabling installations make accessing data and information in highly sought after environments such as school easier, with reliable connections and faster data transfers.

Server Room Installations and Rack Spaces:

Even if schools are able to access all that data without an issue, they need to be able to store it correctly with secure server rooms and data cabinets.

Modern schools hold hundreds of thousands of packets of data, some available to students and others available to staff members and IT personnel. Different cabinets and storage spaces can be expensive but fortunately, there are a number of installation options available that provide:

  • Secure data cabinets
  • Cabling management and implementation
  • CCTV
  • Cooling systems
  • Ongoing network support

AV System for Schools

AV Systems and Educational Technology:

The introduction of interactive white boards sum 10+ years ago are no longer able to provide the “wow factor” that engaged so many pupils. These days, the use of VR with virtual lessons and demonstrations has really taken educational industry by storm.

AV systems in ICT rooms can provide new platforms for teaching through the use of:

  • Modern interactive whiteboards
  • Ceiling mounted projectors
  • Projection screens and monitors
  • Hallway AV screens and systems
  • Digital signage
  • Audio installations
  • Entrance digital displays

Announcements and Public Address Systems:

Large schools and especially colleges and universities have tens of thousands of enrolled students on their grounds. As well as information announcements, making safety announcements across an entire site is just as important.

Modern PA systems should be installed on school sites and tested frequently. They can be incorporated with existing it networks and cabling infrastructures to ensure that the school and its pupils are well informed at all times.

A good example for a well-used PA system is in modern sports stadiums. They frequently test pa systems and run safety drills using the speakers located on site to make sure that they have a working system in place should it ever need to be used.

Security and Ongoing Network Support:

Many cabling installations are completed and left managed by the on site IT team and faculty heads. However, and with respect, these guys are there to teach and not to manage an entire network.

Ongoing IT and network support for schools is always needed. As the usage is so high in educational areas, the systems could drop at any time. With a small minority of pupils looking to target school infrastructure as a power play – network security is even more important.

Our team at Puffin Solutions can provide ongoing network support for dropouts and security breaches.

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