Cisco ASR 900 is a series aggregation service router, which provides faster broadband and enables clients to deliver voice, video, date and mobility to the highest of standards. It is designed with a compact form factor to house deployment in small spaces. The router can be deployed in space-constrained locations, provides a small footprint and will also help clients save money on their air conditioning. The unit allows providers simplify and automate management of networks. The router also provides a proactive diagnosis, informing the owners of an issue before it occurs allowing them to troubleshoot any problems and find solutions.

The Project

The client had a small space to work with but wanted the best performing unit fitted into it. We installed the Cisco ASR 900 into their small space, ensuring all work was kept to a high standard. The client also found that with their previous router they were finding a lot of issues that they could not troubleshoot themselves, costing them a fortune in repairs. At Puffin Solutions we have accredited Cisco installers, we provided the client with our recommendations and what we thought would work best for them and their clients.

Feedback from client

We are really pleased we contact Puffin Solutions; they provided a top-notch service. Everything was completed in a timely manor and there were no mistakes along the way. They are very professional and know exactly what they are doing.