Technology is forever changing and improving the way we work and live. As a network engineer, there are a number of responsibilities you will be in charge of including the computer network of a company. There is a range of benefits you can experience as a networking engineer, including pay, great companies and working with some of the best technology around. Keep reading if you want to know the benefits of being a network engineer.

Being a network engineer

As a network engineer, you can work for huge companies within the technology industry as well as other businesses. As a network engineer, you are exposed massively to new technologies. Once you are qualified with experience under your belt, there are so many opportunities out there for you.

What exactly do network engineers do?

Network engineers work with computer networks within companies. Using a range of technology to may platforms for all employees to use. Network complexity will depend on the size of the business you end up working for.

Network engineers are critical to most large organisations as you will need to understand the network that’s being used inside out. You will need good analytics skills; you will be working with complex network systems to diagnose and find any issues within the network.

You could be asked to create blueprints for communication networks and must make sure that all networks created work to a high standard.

Computer Network

How do I become one?

Many people will probably tell you that you need some form of degree in computer science, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Like most technical jobs there are a few qualifications and certificates you may need. One of the top qualifications you will benefit from is a CCNA, which is a Cisco Certified Network Associate certification. It will test both your theory of computer networking but also your practical knowledge in which you might be asked to do within a junior networking engineering role. As a well-respected certification in the industry not only do you look qualified but companies are aware that these tests are difficult to take.


For most employers they like to know the network engineer they are employing has some form of technical knowledge, giving them a level of assurance you will know what to do when you start a new role. Having well-qualified network engineers gives makes the company more reliable to work with for customers and helps to boost profitability.

Personal benefits

Certificates are an excellent way of you showing your worth in a business; it will indicate your level of skill and open more job opportunities to you in the future. By having relevant qualifications, you are showcasing your knowledge of the fundamentals and concepts of networking. If you study for a CCNA or equivalent it gives you an edge over other candidates; it shows your willingness to learn, motivation and reliability to stick at something.


It has now become the case with qualifications comes a higher salary, while you can, in fact, get into networking without qualification you are most likely going to start at a lower salary. After being certified, you are most likely to be looking at jobs with salaries above £18,000.


We always recommend that you get as much experience as possible, work with a company that can provide you with hands-on work. We understand it can be a tricky task landing hands-on experience with tech companies, so you may want to give NexGent’s article a read on The Best And Easiest Ways To Get IT Hands-On Experience.

Network Engineer sat on floor

Benefits of the job

There are so many different benefits you can experience as a network engineer including:

New tech

Technology is constantly evolving meaning you are continuously learning new things and as the years go on your knowledge will increase significantly.


Your job role will be considered one of the most important within a company as you will experience a vast amount of responsibility. Most businesses rely on their network engineers to support their smooth operation if there is any disruption or damage to a network you will be responsible for fixing the issue. Any issues to a business network can cause profit loss, so they will be expecting you to be straight on top of any problem. You will be the first person to identify any network bugging or virus attack; you will be crucial to the running of the business, so we’re basically saying you’re a big deal.


Some issues that you may come across within your role may be complex but also very diverse, so you are consistently using your brain.


Once trained as a network engineer you can apply for almost any business as most will have some form of network that needs to be maintained on a daily basis.


There are so many doors that will open to you becoming a network engineer and you may find that you grow fast within a business becoming a manager before you know it.


Network engineering is an excellent role as it gives you so many different opportunities. There is a range of qualifications you can achieve to become the best candidate for any role. You have to remember that as a network engineer you are one of the most valuable people in the business. You are as important as the computer network itself, without you they company would have no network, so you have to be on top of your game when analysing the business network and fixing any issue that may arise. The role will always be interesting as you experience new technologies and consistently work to make the network better.

We hope after reading this article you want to become a network engineer if you found this helpful feel free to share on social media!

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