Teaching is a difficult job which many people don’t tend to think about, looking after 30 kids all day and trying to get their attention can be a tricky task. There is a range of both software and hardware that can now be used in modern day school to help in the classroom. Here we are going to tell you our ideas to improve school environment.

Ideas to improve school environment and the different installations

There is a range of installations you can have to make your school management systems easier and faster. You will want to make your teaching processes as smooth and comfortable as possible so we have devised a list of installations we believe you could benefit from:

  • Data Cabling and Management
  • Server Room Installations and Cabinets
  • Audio Visual Systems
  • Public Address Systems
  • Security and Ongoing Network Support

What space do you have and what cabling systems are required?

Server room installations and cabinets

Depending on the size of your school you may need a range of cabling systems to help improve the school environment. Unlike many large organisations, you possibly may not need the newest technology to help students learn to the best of their ability. In primary schools, you may not need to meet the requirements of secondary schools as you only have one computer lab. Whereas secondary schools may require a full server room to host the computers on the network.

You might want to think about installing a data centre installations into your school; students can have their personal folders on the network which allows them to save their work and access it from a variety of locations around the school. They are great for storing all forms of information; you can also put locks on specific folders and locations within the server meaning students cannot reach it. They can also hold a significant amount of storage so you will never have to worry about running out of space.

The great thing about having a range of data cabinets means each one can store different information. Each can hold the following:

  • Secure data
  • CCTV
  • Cooling systems
  • Cable management

Schools, colleges and universities also benefit from having their own intranets. Intranet software is great for allowing you to organise documents and data. It also provides a service for your employees making it easier to teach students. It becomes a more enjoyable experience as they don’t have to spend ages looking for teaching plans, powerpoints or informational documents. You will want to make day-to-day teaching as easy as possible, so an internal intranet system is paramount to excellent communication. Another benefit is allowing students to find information about lectures or classes which they can refer too. Not only does it improve communication but it helps to make a seamless teaching process. If you would like more information on intranet software we recommend looking at Claromentis.

Child on ipad

Data Cabling and Management

There is nothing worse than trying to teach a class when the internet is running slow. You might be trying to teach an IT class or a geography class that requires you to showcase videos throughout the lesson. Therefore the correct cabling systems for your school is extremely important. A lot of teaching systems or intranets require students to upload large assignments and download documents, so you need the right cabling to be able to hold these files and keep their quality.

Unfortunately, schools, colleges and universities cannot normally hold the capacity of ordinary data cabling. A great option for you to think about is fibre cabling installation; optical fibre comes with a wide range of benefits that can help improve your school environment. Fibre optics are remarkably strong materials meaning they do not damage easily and can withhold extreme weather conditions.

Audio Visual Systems

Audio visual systems are great for any teaching environment. Visual systems have now become a fantastic way of engaging students with virtual lessons and demonstrations taking place. The interactive whiteboard is no longer creating an exciting workplace for children to learn as they grow with the technology.

Students can significantly benefit from the use of audio visual systems including:

  • Ceiling mounted projectors with screens and interactive monitors
  • Digital signage
  • Audio installations
  • Entrance digital displays

Child writing on whiteboard

PA Systems

A public address system is a great way of addressing your students more specifically if you have a large intake of pupils. School are constantly in need of informing students of information so what a great way to do it. You can ensure everyone gets the information at the same time.

Security and ongoing network support

You will need to look for specific contractors that can attend and manage your IT systems. While you may have an internal IT department, they cannot always attend to everything when dealing with networking problems internally. The usage in schools, colleges and universities are extremely high which means you could have a dip in the network at any time which could be devastating to the overall running of your lessons.


Making the classroom a fun and engaging can be a difficult task especially when you have so many students to take care of and teach. The interactive whiteboard no longer engages pupils as it did a few years ago, so schools are now having to think of other ways to improve the school environment. Server rooms are great for knowing your school network is safe at all times, with each cabinet holding different data. They help prevent your network from crashing at any point, especially as you have plenty of students and staff all accessing the network a the same time. You will also need to think about internal intranets; they can benefit schools massively. Audio visual systems and public address systems are now the way forward; you can witness a significant increase in productivity and engagement from students.

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