Security is all about reducing the risk and helping potential threats to your business or home. Many security solutions now available are not only great for mitigating any risks to your estate but to also save you money in the long run. Security works in two different ways one is to prevent and deter external threats but also to obtain evidence in any incident. If you would like to know more about what makes a successful security estate carry on reading.

How to make a security estate as safe as possible?

When it comes to security, there is a range of different security solutions you can think about installing into your estate. Firstly you will want to carry our a successful risk assessment and look at any of the potential hazards that could harm your business property.

Carrying out a risk assessment for your business will be crucial, and it’s not something that can be done swiftly, you will need to put time and resources into it to make it as efficient as possible. Firstly, what is most important to your business? Do you have computers, servers or data centres that need protection from any threats to the company? You also need to think about what type of threat could be made to your business, are you located where there is a higher rate of crime or severe weather conditions. A threat doesn’t just mean someone is entering the premises that shouldn’t when we talk about threat you also need to think about other dangers such as nature. There are many safety options you need to think about.

You will also want to think about exit and entrance doors, how do you expect to manage the people that enter your property. Do you have areas of the premises that can only be accessed by specific personnel? Finally, how safe is the exterior of your building? These are all things that need to be thought about in detail when carrying out a risk assessment.

Risk Assessment

What ways can I make my estate secure?

There is now a range of security solutions you can install to make your business property as safe as possible. One of the most obvious security systems you can have is CCTV Cameras. They can be installed in a number of locations around your business.

Data centre security systems are something that will give your business heightened security, it will also put your mind at ease. It’s important to think about having CCTV in your data centre, while it is important to know who exactly is in your building it’s also important to know who is in your data centre. The last thing you want is an unauthorised person to enter the data centre and cause potential harm or disruption.

A good CCTV system will allow your security to obtain a trail of who entered the data centre and at what time. Unfortunately, your business might not have the resources to constant watch the data centre, with a good CCTV system you can access it from a number of points including handheld devices.

Security Camera

Alarm Systems

Getting the right alarm systems can be hard as you don’t want something that is overly sensitive otherwise you will be called out every other minute for a spec of dust moving. ADT offer a range of alarms for your business that also help you meet your business insurance obligations. As well as intruder alarms for when your business is shut down during closing hours you may also want to think about panic alarm systems. If you are a business that is customer facing, you could have someone try to steal stock or potentially steal money from the till. To help protect your employees panic alarms can be installed in discreet places whereby someone can push it, and it will automatically inform the police without informing the criminal that it has been done.

Access Controls

For anyone that works at your company we always recommend they have a key card to enter the premises, you don’t want an unauthorised person to be able to enter with ease. Anyone without a keycard can enter via an access control unit; if you are unaware what this is, you will normally find them outside flats or services offices. This allows the person to contact the specific office they would like to enter, the office then has to confirm before allowing them to enter the property. Many access control units also have video activated controls, which allow you to personally identify the person before allowing them to come in.

Key Card

Security fog systems

Fog systems are a great way of deterring and disorientating intruders in a break in. For someone that doesn’t know the business property well a fog system could easily confuse them and may also work in your favour when it comes to catching the culprit that tried to break in. Fog systems are a great way of minimising damage but also preventing anything from being stolen.


Some of the security solutions mentioned may seem expensive but can add real value to your business. You will want to make it as safe as possible, a number of the security solutions are also great for deterring potential threats to your property. A criminal will be your business worst nightmare, so you need to think about ways of reducing the risk, criminals that attack business usually plan it before going ahead with it, if they are watching your property they are less likely to attack your property if they can see strong security in place.

Security solutions are also a great way of providing the authorities with evidence, if you are in a situation where there has been a potential break in good security systems will be able to inform police and can work in your favour when trying to find the person.

Something that many people forget to think about when installing security systems is how much it can help towards your insurance. Insurance companies are more likely to reduce the cost of your policy with heightened security as you are less likely to have damage to your property.

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