CCTV systems are visual recording systems that are wired into a monitoring unit allowing you to see the exterior and interior views of your building. CCTV is beneficial for a commercial building but also for your homes as well. CCTV can considerably increase the security of your property keeping its contents and people inside the building protected. Here we are going to discuss our top benefits of CCTV installation.

What are the benefits of CCTV

You may think that installing a CCTV system may cost you a fair few pounds. But nothing can put a price on your safety not to mention if someone broke into your residential or commercial building how much this can cost you. CCTV is now used by almost most businesses and is now becoming a more frequent occurrence in homes too.

The fundamental responsibility of your security system will be to keep any unwanted visitors out of your building or data centre. If you find that somehow someone has entered your property, you will want to be able to identify him or her.


You can install CCTV as a precaution measure for your property or data centre. Through remote monitoring, you can see exactly what is going on in and outside your property from the safety of your home or office. An additional advantage is many CCTV systems can now be viewed on smartphones allowing you to check on your property if you are away from home or on business.

Smart Phone CCTV System


Criminals are your businesses and homes worst nightmare. You never know when something can happen to your property so you will want to try and prevent it from happening as much as you can. A lot of preplanned crimes are put on hold because security systems have been spotted meaning your property is less likely to be targeted. Another good way of deterring unwanted criminals away from your property is to advertise the fact you have CCTV systems installed. If you would like to read more about how CCTV can be used as a prevention method give The Crime Prevention Website article a read.


CCTV is an excellent way of discovering and recognising criminals. Having CCTV cameras installed in strategic positions can come in handy when monitoring specific actions of people in particular scenarios. A lot of modern cameras now available to you have high-quality videoing capabilities. It works in your favour and can be used as hard evidence in court. If the worst has happened to your property, you can bring the criminals to justice. This is particularly important in cases where an eye whiteness may not be able to explain everything that has happened or may leave out valuable information, CCTV can provide an accurate account of what really happened and at what time.


While you may not be thinking about your insurance too much, you might be surprised that insurance companies are more likely to reduce your policy costs if you have heightened security around your property including CCTV. So you will want to make your property as secure as possible, reducing the likelihood of damage or vandalism. The reason for insurance companies potentially decreasing your policy cost is because you are less likely to make a claim.

cctv in office

Data Centre Security

Not only can CCTV be used to check on your business property, but you may also want to look into having it installed in your Data Centre. There is more to data centre security than software and hardware logins and authentications passwords. It is important to remember that while you may need protection outside the building, you must ensure that your data centre is highly safe as it’s the central point of your business. By having CCTV, you can ensure your data centre is secured at all times. Having a state of the art CCTV system will allow you to retain a good audit trail of who has been coming and going.

Having a 24 hour CCTV system will put your mind at ease if you do not have anyone that can watch your data centre during late hours in the night. This means your data centre is constantly being watched at all times. Data centres have different variations of security requirements; this is why you need a professional to help with ensuring your building and data centre security system is as secure as possible.


The good thing about CCTV is that it can be placed in a number of location around your data studio or premises. You can see nearly every part of your business. Here are our top places you should be installing your CCTV systems.

  • Car parks
  • Entry points to your premises including all fire exits
  • The doors – you will always want to know who is entering your property and at what times they have entered. Any entries that may lead to other areas of the building that require a key fob or passcode
  • The inner door that may separate visitors to general staff
  • Entrance of data centre whether is a particular floor in your building or smaller area you should always have this covered
  • Doors of individual server cabinets

The above list may not cover all areas of your premises or data centre, but we believe they are the primary places you should have your CCTV system installed.

Blue Data Studio


There are a number of businesses which would benefit from having CCTV installed into their property. If you have sensitive data or valuables within the organisation, then you will want to keep them as secure as possible. As an example, the government official buildings will require a number of government CCTV installations to ensure that the building is safe at all times. It helps prevent any unwanted visitors being able to gain access into the building as also removes the worry of anything being taken off-site that should not have been.

Other businesses that may require CCTV installations are:

  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Gyms
  • Warehouses


Some people argue that by having CCTV systems installed you’re invading the privacy of others, this is why you may need a professional to install. Data security for your Data Centre is paramount; you need to ensure any data that may be sensitive such as credit card details or personal information is safe at all times. The last thing you want is to lose any of this information, as it could have a significant effect on your business.

We firmly believe that you should install CCTV systems whether it be your home, business or data centre. By having good security, you will feel that little bit safer, and it can work in your favour if anything bad is to happen. CCTV is excellent for identifying unwanted people and can help you in court if needed. It can also help with informing police or security if you feel you may be at risk of specific situations.

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