When it comes to sports stadiums they are large space where anything can happen; there have a been a number of instances where the safety of the stadium could be improved. With a large number of people attending events at sports stadiums, whether it be a sports game or even a concert, one of your first priorities as a manager is to ensure the safety of attendees. Read on as we run through a few things you can do to guarantee the safety of attendees to your venue.

Sport Stadiums

Over the years it has become even more common that there could be something unpredictable that can happen at large events. However, with technology advances, it is much easier to ensure your attendees and guests are safe during their visit to your establishment. Here we will run through a couple we think your sports stadiums can benefit from.

PA Systems

One of the first things you are going to want to look at is PA system installation for sports stadiums. If there is ever an issue and you need to get people out of the stadium swiftly an effectively, one of the best ways to do this is by addressing them over a PA system. It allows you to reach a large number of people and tell them where to go in a safe and orderly manner.

You can also instruct people on which part of the stadium they should be entering. It can also help with crowd control if you are finding that the crowd is becoming too difficult to handle or talk to via security personnel PA systems allow you to portray your message loudly and clearly to a broader audience.

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Crowd Safety

Have you ever had to handle more than two children at once? It is a rather tricky task, so imagine having to organise around 10,000 people to come to your sports venue. Sports stadium managers will normally have the crowd safety down to a tea and will often have the crowd design as a prerequisite. But for those of you who would like to improve the way your crowds are managed you will want to look at your entrance and exit doors, as you need them to deal with large numbers of people.

Fire Safety

It is highly unlikely that your sports stadium will have a fire, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Management should always ensure the structural fire protection of the sports stadium is adequate; you will also want to ensure the building has the right warning systems in place so in the instance of a fire guests know exactly where to go. If you would like more information on fire safety and regulations you must meet, we recommend taking a look at gov.uk. Many modern stadiums are now built with fire safety in mind with the use of concrete, steel and fireproof glass to help minimise the risk of any fire from spreading.


One thing many stadium owners do not think about is that Cisco telepresence is a great way to inform people of where they need to go in an instance of evacuation. Unfortunately, it is a hard fact; people would rather finish a purchase such as a drink or food within a stadium before they evacuate. Another thing people often do is if they are in groups or with family, will not evacuate until they have found the people they came with. As a stadium manager, you want attendees and guests to evacuate the vicinity as quickly and safely as possible. With the right telepresence and the use of scoreboards, it works as an advantage in these kinds of situations as information can be placed on them.

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Steel Glazing

As well as helping the structure of the building steel glazing also helps with the prevention of fires spreading. With the right steel glazing systems put in place, it can provide people with up to two hours of protection from the spreading of fires, smoke and other toxis gases which may be harmful. This also goes for glass; however, glass and steel systems come hand in hand. You need good quality high-grade materials for it to ensure the safety of attendees.


If you are having an event which means a significant amount of people will be attending the sports stadium in comparison to normal, then you must ensure a vast amount of planning goes into the safety features of your venue. We highly recommend taking an audit of the establishment and also running a few tests to ensure these features still work. It will also give you a good amount of time to install any new technology which could help you in any evacuation or safety situation.


Make sure any member of staff that works for your sports stadium is sufficiently trained. The last thing you will want is for them to panic and not know what to do in the instance of an emergency. They will also need to understand how to manage large numbers of people as well as knowing what to look out for while looking after guests in your establishment.

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Stadium Design

Sports stadium design has come a long way in the past few years as there are new regulations and safety rules you must adhere to. Taking into account the different options, we have discussed we highly recommend having all installed so you can ensure the safety of your visitors. It is unlikely any of dangers or fires will occur in your sports stadium, but unfortunately, you never know. So, it is absolutely vital you know how to evacuate people quickly and swiftly.

PA systems are a great way to do this as it allows you to address a large number of people in a safe manner. Cisco telepresence systems can also help in an emergency or evacuation attempt as it will enable you to place information for visitors and guests. By installing forms of technology, it also takes some of the pressure off of the stewards and staff members on the ground within these stadiums.

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