Cabling is often hidden away, which means we do not always know how they can become damaged. There are a number of reasons to why your cabling may have become damaged over time, so we are going to discuss the causes and effects of cable damage.

What cable damage can I experience

Unfortunately, cabling is not something we tend to man on a regular basis, which means they can become damaged by a number of things. There are a couple of measures you can put in place to help prevent it from happening, but some causes are simply unavoidable.


Many of us are well aware that rodents are a real cause of damaged cabling and wiring. A wide number of animals tend to have a real knack for making their way through the cabling with their teeth. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to case your wires and cables to ensure rodents, and small animals are unable to get into the cabling. Luckily the damage normally only tends to cover a short space in the cable which means you often will not have to replace large parts of your cabling system.

rodent damage

Wrong piece of equipment

Cabling is designed to withstand a range of electrical inputs, and if put into the wrong piece of equipment you can sometimes experience cable damage. You must always make sure you are using the right cabling for each item of electrical equipment in your office or commercial building. We always recommend getting in a professional who knows what they are doing when it comes to your cabling systems.


If you work in a data centre and the temperature is not quite right, you may experience a vast amount of humidity. Humidity can dramatically affect cabling as it will provide the cable with a considerable amount of unwanted moisture. Alternatively, if you have external cable coming into your property if it buried into the ground, it can experience intrusion from groundwater.

Any cable that is being used and is exposed to water is often more susceptible to water treeing, which is where there is a considerable amount of electrical stress in the insulations which causes it to crack. This lowers the thickness of the insulation which is usually below the point the pipe and cabling are able to withstand electrical stress, which will often cause the cable to fail.

Mechanical damage

When it comes to installing wire or cabling, if not handled with care they can become damaged due to excessive tugging, pulling or even being bent in ways they should not. Not only can it cause cables to become damaged but it also means the service life of the cable is reduced as well as how well it works.

damaged cable

Acts of god

When it comes to weather, we never know what will happen, in some cases we may be located in the wrong place which may mean we are at higher risk of experience an acts of god, such as flooding or earthquakes.

An act of God is known as a damage which is caused by something out of your control and cannot be helped with human intervention nor can it be prevented to a certain extent. Well protected data centres and network providers will normally know if where they are located is in a high-risk area and will often have measure in place to ensure they are at low risk.

However, freak weather and earthly traumas such as earthquakes and landslides can all have a dramatic effect on our cabling systems. In some cases, they are unusable after such an event.


Over time your cables can become very old and withered, which simply means it will need replacing. Your cabling does not always need to be completely replaced. We recommend getting a qualified contractor to attend site to check all of your cablings as they will be able to recommend which cables need replacing.

Excessive heating

If your cabling systems are getting too hot, then you may witness the degradation of the insulation and sheathing which can cause premature failure. The heat can either come from an external source or it may be coming from inside your building. If cabling is overloaded, then they can sometimes experience a considerable amount of overheating.

Why get a cabling consultant

You may think you know what you are doing when it comes to installing your cabling, but if you are doing it on a large scale, you are going to need cabling consultants. They will often have a dedicated and highly qualified team of network engineers who can ensure all of your cabling systems are installed properly so no mechanical issues are causes nor is any of your cablings plugged into the wrong electrical equipment. Many provide bespoke cabling services, so if you are looking for something, in particular, you should get in touch.

cabling consultancy

Data centre upgrades

If you believe your cables are becoming damaged then you may want to think about having an data centre upgrade, with the right contractor they can ensure all of your cabling systems are safe along with any of your computer systems. Make sure your data centres are safe from any high-risk hazards which may cause harm to your data centre.

Cabling damage

As cabling is often hidden and not something we tend to keep an eye on, on a regular basis, there are a number of damages we can experience which may cause failures.

Animals and rodents can be a real pest, so if you are experiencing any damage from them eating away at your cabling make sure you get in a pest control company into your commercial property before you change any of your cabling as they will most likely just eat away at it in the future.

Make sure there is no moisture in or near your cabling systems as you will experience water treeing which can cause a considerable amount of damage to your cabling systems as well as failures.

We hope you are now well aware of the many damages your cables can experience and why your best bet is to get a professional cabling contractor on hand to help!

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