Puffin Solutions were approached by a company to offer the services of putting up two large television screens for there corporate global office in Cambridge.

Project Scope

In essence, the job was relativity easy, but when installing Televisions over 50 inches, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Puffin Solutions worked with the client offering a range of advice and help. Unfortunately, the client thought the TV installation would be fairly easy and straightforward, however, to ensure the TV not only stays in place but are safe at all times the brackets nuts and bolts all need to go in the right place. We also wanted to ensure that there was no structural damage to the wall, if done incorrectly could be an expensive cost.

The client also wanted to use the televisions as a conferencing tool for the business. So, we also added in Power and Data to the screen allowing for video conferencing and presentational software for meetings.

Feedback from client

The job was very well done with minimal disruption to the business. We would definitely recommend Puffin Solutions.