scotland cabinet refresh
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About The Project

  • Customers Requirements: A regular client of ours contacted the team to replace and tidy current cabling set up.
  • What Was Provided: Puffin Solutions tidied comms cabinets and cabinet management.
  • Services Provided: Comms Room Refurbishment, Data Cabinet Rack and Stack

Special Requirements

Puffin Solution provides a cabinet tidy service, which for this specific client included tidying their current comms cabinet, by offering a new labelling system for easy identification and a nicer look. We also sorted through the cables allowing for better cable management in the future.

Project Overview

Due to the tight window of time provided by the client, it was imperative the Puffin Solutions team had a plan. Our engineers spend the day working in the comms area of the business to ensure all old or unwanted cables had been removed. The team also worked at re-patching new colour coded cables which allows those in the business to easily identify what they are and where they belong. Our team also ran through all the cabling with the business owner, so they know exactly what is what for easier cable management.

Feedback from client

Just perfect, thank you! We look forward to working with you on the next job!