Businesses of all sizes across the globe are now opting to move over to Voice Over Internet Protocol as their preferred method of communication. VoIP, by definition, is merely a telephone service that is delivered through the internet as opposed to a local phone provider. Instead of using an analogue phone line, the data is sent digitally over the internet meaning that calls can be made internationally for no additional charge. Depending on the size and industry of your organisation, your VoIP system can be tailored to meet your business’ requirements.

While almost all businesses are aware of the concept of VoIP, many are yet to implement systems capable of making the transition to internet-only phone lines. If you are one of the many businesses considering VoIP but aim to embark on a little research before making a decision, we have devised a full guide to answer the question “what are the advantages of VoIP for businesses?”

What Are The Advantages Of VoIP?

Voice over IP has continued to grow in popularity over the past couple of years due to their speed and reliability when it comes to corporate communication. Lack of technical expertise tends to be one of the most common reasons why businesses hold back on implementing new technology, but this doesn’t have to prove an issue. All VoIP installations are completed by fully trained professionals who are then able to provide ongoing support in the future while team members broaden their technical knowledge. VoIP and fibre cabling come hand in hand when transitioning your organisation into the digital age which means it is imperative to also consider fibre cabling installation before going ahead with VoIP.

1. Easy To Install

Installing a traditional phone system into an active office will take a considerable amount of time, ultimately causing disruption to daily operations. Not only must an initial appointment with a provider be arranged, but you must also schedule a day for a representative to install each component of the system. A traditional telephone system does require considerable more cabling than VoIP would, prolonging the installation process and increasing the likelihood of a problem. You may then need to go back and forward between your provider before you can restart daily operations.

On the other hand, while you will still need to schedule an installation appointment with your provider, the process of fitting your office with VoIP can be completed in as little as a few hours. Your chosen provider will bring all equipment required such as handsets and use your existing wiring along with switches from your LAN to install the VoIP system. It will only take a matter of minutes to configure the settings on your phone to fit your preferences, and you are ready to begin using the system.

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2. Improve Customer Service

As VoIP caters to the requirements of organisations at all scales, it is the ideal solution to enhance communication between clients, customers and customer service departments. It allows team members working within the customer service department to work with ease, improving overall client or customer experience. Not only will customer service representatives have the ability to talk over the phone with customers or clients, but also answer questions via live chat or emails. The ability to answer questions and queries promptly is imperative in boosting business reputation and building a trustworthy brand that your target audience can trust when in need. In many cases, even if customers or clients have a problem, they will return in the future if you can provide a solution to their issue as quickly as possible.

Many VoIP services also have analytical tools which allow you to monitor and measure calls. This is a fantastic source of information to help identify areas that may require additional training. If you do opt for recording calls for training purposes, then it is vital to ensure that this is made clear when clients or customers call your customer service department.

3. Additional Features Available

VoIP is incredibly flexible and will work to your business’s specific requirements. There are a plethora of additional features available to enhance your experience and ensure that you can use your system to its full advantage. Smaller businesses often stick with using minimal features as it allows their system to remain as cost-effective as possible. As the business and profits begin to grow, additional, more complex elements can then be added. Some of the most popular VoIP add-ons include the following:

  • Transcripts – Voicemails can be transcripted into emails and forwarded to your inbox.
  • Interactive Voice Recognition – Allows smarter call routing which incorporates specific software to divert calls.
  • Virtual Chat – This can be used both internally and externally to provide multiple ways to communicate with staff and customers.
  • Entry Buzzer Integration – Allows an analogue door phone to be integrated with the VoIP system so door buzzer calls can be answered from the desk. The door can then be unlocked from the phone to enhance security.
  • Do Not Disturb – Do not disturb mode can be turned on temporarily to stop incoming calls from coming to your phone; ideal to use during important meetings or conferences.

For more information on the most useful VoIP features, take a look at TechRepublic.

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4. Add New Lines With Ease

When using a traditional telephone system, it can often prove somewhat tricky to connect an additional line. Notably, if you have expanded your customer service team, the process of installing extra phone lines can have a negative impact on your business’ operations. You may have to wait up to a few weeks for your provider to come out and connect additional lines.

Unlike a traditional system, VoIP is equipped with remote management features which allow extra lines to be added at any point, from any location. With a little training in the technical side of VoIP, team members are free to manage telephone lines without the need for expert assistance. The flexibility and scalability of VoIP are fantastic for organisations hoping to grow in the near future, along with those who may have seasonal staff.

5. Data Integration

While there are a number of benefits of VoIP that are capable of improving overall customer experience, the ability to integrate data is most definitely one of the most significant. Not only can teams communicate with clients and customers over the phone, but they can also begin to utilise several additional channels such as live chat, social media, email and voicemail. There are even various VoIP systems that work alongside your CRM tools; this will allow you to analyse how every form of communication is working for your business and ways you can improve it.

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6. Solve Issues Quicker

When using VoIP system services, all forms of communication within the business will be integrated with your internet connectivity on the same network. This is ideal for allowing team members to troubleshoot quicker in the unfortunate event of any issues. The ability to identify, analyse and solve problems quickly and methodically is a proven method of increasing employee productivity. No longer will there be the risk of daily operations coming to a halt for hours while departments try to track down the culprit of the problem.

7. Cut Cost

Although, similarly to implementing any new technology, installing a VoIP system will come alongside an initial investment, it will save your business a considerable amount of money in the future.

When using a traditional system, you pay a fee for every minute that you spend talking over the phone, even more so when making international calls. Particularly when working in a call centre or customer service department, monthly fees will continue to rise year on year. You will then have to pay a second monthly bill to your internet provider. On the other hand, when opting for VoIP system, your internet and phone line will be from the same provider paying one monthly bill. According to Tech.Co, on average, small businesses that transition to VoIP will save up to 40% on local calls and a massive 90% on international calls.

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8. Improved Mobility

When installing VoIP to your office, one of the first add-ons that you will be offered is the option for a mobile system; this is often the initial feature that small businesses opt for then tailor their phones further as familiarise themselves with the system. Not only does a mobile system allow handsets and mobile phone to ring simultaneously, but it also means that staff that work from home or while travelling can still be reached. No team members will miss out on important conference calls or mobile meetings due to lack of technology. They will also be able to access voicemail transcript, analytic tools and integrate data at any time, from any location. Regardless of where in the world team members are, as long as they have an internet connection, they will be able to access all tools to continue working for no additional fee. Providing departments with complete mobility is a fantastic way to increase productivity and enhance communication.

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9. Enhanced Security

Running all corporate operations over the internet can often be somewhat daunting to business owners due to the number of security issues the internet can pose. However, when using VoIP, standardised encryption protocols are installed to ensure that all data transferred via the internet has guaranteed security. Adding encryption to your system means that it is impossible for any outsiders to listen to your calls or hack into your software.

Improve Your Business Through Installing VoIP!

Understandably, making any drastic change to the technology used in your business can be a stressful task. It is imperative to spend time researching how technology can advance your processes and ultimately, boost profit in the years to come. Opting to implement VoIP systems in your business comes alongside a plethora of benefits to cut costs, increase productivity and enhance customer or client experience.

We hope that you found our guide to the advantages of VoIP helpful, if so, why not share on social media?

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