Airport Cabling Installations

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Cabling Services

UK airports need to have highly reliable and secure IT infrastructure to help deal with the thousands of visitors and online enquiries that they deal with daily. Puffin Solutions is an established provider of airport cabling installations and have worked on some of the leading projects at terminals and airports in the UK including installing airport data cabling as well as airport fibre cabling.

Communication Services

Our display screen installations for airports are completed using top of the range, high-resolution screens. Our installers have more than 25 years experience and have worked on some of the largest airport display screen installations in some of London’s biggest terminals.

To make your airport as efficient as possible, a VoIP Installation for airports is vital. Answer enquiries and internal calls in an efficient manner with no interruptions. Puffin Solutions is established as one of the most recognised airport VoIP system installer nationally. Get in touch if you would like to know more about our airport communication services.

Data Centre Services

As a large organisation airports collect personal information and hold significant amounts of sensitive data which is why it is critical for your airport data centre to be in tip-top condition. Our highly qualified network engineers will work with you to plan and implement the best data centre solutions. Puffin Solutions airport data centre installation includes data cabinets, data centre upgrades and support throughout and after the installation process.

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Client Testimonial

"We have thousands of visitors and travellers through our gates every day. The installation of information screens was a must. Puffin Solutions was referred to us after they completed a series of infrastructure installations for a business associate. The information screens are excellent and work perfectly."