College Cabling Installations

  • Nationally recognised as cabling consultants
  • We plan, implement and evaluate all cabling installations
  • Extensive range of fibre cabling
  • We discuss all your cabling requirements
  • Maintain communication after installation

Cabling Services

Here at Puffin solutions, we offer a range of college cabling installations to best suit your colleges needs and requirements. Our specialist network engineers are highly qualified and work on a number of educational facilities to provide outstanding college cabling services.

Communication Services

Colleges rely on college WIFI installations to provide students with a reliable connection to carry out their day to day studies. Each installation includes routers, switches, cabling and any additional materials needed for larger sites. All of our college WIFI installers have years of experience installing for colleges with more than 25 years available.

College VoIP installations are also a great way of helping your college cut costs on calls, especially if they are long distance. It also means you can keep everything in one place as network consolidation keeps everything under one IP network.

Server Room Services

Educational institutes hold a significant amount of personal data such as information on staff, students, applications, courses and more within their servers and databases. We offer a full college server room installation which comes complete with a free initial consultation, software, hardware and ongoing support (if required).

To ensure your server room is constantly safe college CCTV systems are required. It allows you to keep an eye on servers and data cabinets at all times.

Why Choose Us

  • We offer a free site survey
  • We provide ongoing support
  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Project management from start to finish
  • Complete visual pleasing cabling installations

Client Testimonial

"Our college needed a whole new WIFI installation as the internet was slow and students could not send files of a large size. Puffin solutions are extremely professional and quick, our students are delighted with the WIFI and can now connect from a number of locations around the college. "