School Cabling Installations

  • Full cabling consultancy from start to finish
  • We plan, implement and evaluate all school cabling
  • Tailored cabling solutions to your needs and requirements
  • Communication during and after installation
  • Additional support if needed

Cabling Services

Our school cabling services allow for your school’s network to run efficiently. We ensure students have access to the latest technology to help boost their development and learning experience. School cabling installations allow for a large number of students to be using the same network all at once without any interruptions.

Communication Services

Addressing all the students at once or getting them to hear a message at one time can be a tricky task which is why school public address systems are vital. It allows you to quickly and calmly evacuate students in an emergency.

A fair amount of student curriculum is spent using a computer or device, which is why school wifi installations are a great idea. It allows your school to have a secure and reliable connection throughout the day.

Server Room Installation

Our established school server room installation teams can plan and implement full data centre installations across a variety of sites. Built with the latest technology, your school’s details and most confidential files will be held in a secure location on site.

We can also get the most out of your server room with our school server room refurbishment. Refurbishment includes structured data cabling, server room layout and support from our network engineers.

Why Choose Us

  • Affordable and reliable pricing
  • Our engineers have fitted more than 350 CCTV systems
  • State of the art security systems
  • We keep cabling clean and neat
  • We offer a free school survey

Client Testimonial

"Puffin Solutions installed a new fibre cabling network for our school as well as CCTV as it needed to be upgraded for a long time. The work was done on time, and to an excellent standard, we would recommend to any educational institute."