Data Cabling Installations

  • Over 25 Years Experience
  • Recommended by Industry Manufacturers
  • Selection of Data Cabling Installation Designs
  • Access to Leading Cabling Equipment
  • Bespoke Project Managed Installations
  • Complete Cabling Management Included

Approved by major accreditors in the UK and beyond

Data Cabling Upgrades

Increase the reliability and speed of your data cabling installations with Puffin Solutions. A networking team with more than 25 years experience will provide you and your business with structured data cabling contractors that are affordable, reliable and efficient.

Our team has worked with some of the leading organisations across the world and provided them with a full data cable installation designs, including ongoing cable support and management. We have been fortunate enough to work alongside companies including British Telecoms (BT), Hewlett Packard (HP) and Nokia.

All of our data cabling services include a bespoke consultation with each client benefiting from the following process.

Complete Data Cabling Installations
  • Free Consultation – Before your data cable installation commences a member of our supervising team will arrange a suitable time and date to meet with you and discuss your data cabling requirements. We will assess your existing set-up and make a number of beneficial recommendations along the way to help improve efficiency, speed and reliability.
  • Removal – Our consultation will be written up and an official quotation will be sent to you within 48-hours. Once on site our data cabling technicians will begin to remove the existing set-up, with minimal disruption. If there are cables present that do not require any changes, we won’t touch them unless we have to.
  • Installation – Your data cable installation starts here. Our cabling supervisors will ensure that you have access to the fastest and most efficient cable for your requirements. Our team will then carefully install the cable and make sure that it is professionally managed, keeping it neat and tidy at all times for improved ongoing maintenance.
  • Configuration and Support – As with all of our data cabling services we will ensure that your new installation is fully optimised and correctly configured to work effortlessly. Once the installation as been completed, our data cabling supervisors and technical team will be available to support you and your new system in any way they can.

Why Choose Us

Top Quality

We will only ever use the best products and data cable that is available. You will never be the victim of second rate products.

Speed And Efficiency

Puffin is able to produce incredible results in impressive time-frames. We allocate a networking team that is able to produce results on time and budget.

Globally Recognised

We have worked for some of the largest organisations across the globe. Our data cabling technicians are recognised as the very best and are highly recommended.