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Get your network up to speed with our state of the art fibre optic cabling installation services. Puffin Solutions network engineers have years of experience installing and providing clients with fibre cabling upgrades.

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Accredited Fibre Cabling Installers

Fibre cable or fibre optic cabling is a modern networking technology that uses either plastic or glass threads to transfer data, unlike the traditional networking cabling systems. Puffin Solutions has provided over 350 corporate businesses with fibre cabling across the world. We have been fortunate enough to work in more than three different continents that include North America, Central Europe and Asia.

Our networking technicians are some of the finest fibre cable installers in the UK with a combined level of experience that spans over 125 years. Industry approved studies have gone on prove that fibre cabling systems are able to provide an increased level of security, faster bandwidth over longer distances and provide far more reliable data transmissions.

Why Choose Us


Every client is eligible for a quotation and consultation. We will provide a bespoke fibre cabling plan for your business.

Expertise & Knowledge

Our network engineers have years of experience when dealing with any installation or upgrade.

Fibre Cable Management

You will receive a complete fibre cabling installation plan. Our aim is to make sure that your new fibre system is as streamlined as possible.

Ongoing Support

Our work isn’t complete after the initial installation. Receive ongoing support after every cabling installation with Puffin Solutions.

Customer Testimonial

"The Puffin Solutions team have provided our business with outstanding work; they never fail to meet a deadline, and all installations are spot on. They also offer some of the best customer service within the industry, and we will be recommending to other firms in the future!"

Who We Have Helped

Puffin Solutions has had the opportunity over the years to provide our clients with outstanding fibre cabling installations and upgrades which have not only improved their network but also employee productivity.

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