State of the Art Audio Visual Systems (AV)

Audio Visual Systems, as they are known use a range of modern sight and sound technologies often in the form of images and music to create visually engaging digital advertising to improve brand awareness and create demand for businesses.

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Audio Visual Installations

Here at Puffin Solutions, our team of heavily experienced technicians are able to install Audio Visual Systems in many environments that include public spaces, events venues, seminars, conferences and public engagements.

The Audio Visual Installations that we provide allow businesses to increase their efficiency and reduce their costs for regular meetings, reducing travel costs by providing state of the art video conferences and video meetings.

Why Choose Us

Skilled Teams

Our teams of technicians have a years of industry related experience to draw on when installing a modern AV system for you, your business, event or engagement.

Design and Build

We have project managers that are able to work closely with you and any blueprints to design and build a successful AV system that meets all of your requirements.

Affordable and Reliable

All of our Audio Visual Systems are affordable and can be suited to any budget before installation we will work with you to help get the most out of your business.

Client Support

Our Puffin Solutions team will keep you informed throughout each stage of the project; we also offer ongoing support for all of our clients even after installation.

Customer Testimonial

"The Puffin Solutions team are excellent at keeping you well informed during your installation; we could not fault there hard work and determination to finishing the project. They installed an AV system into all of our office spaces so we could keep team members up to date all operations. "

Who We Have Helped

Over the past couple of years, Puffin Solutions has worked with a wide range of organisations across the UK and Globally.

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