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Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP is becoming incredibly popular for businesses as the advanced system provides organisations with a far more superior communications system that previously outdated technologies.

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VoIP Communication Systems

Puffin Solutions is one of the most recognised national VoIP Providers in the UK, supplying clients with a modern, cost-effective VoIP System that creates an efficient working environment.

The benefits of VoIP communication systems have proven to include reduced communication bills, greater connections over long distances, improved collaboration and easier expansion for growing organisations.

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24/7 Support

Should you ever have an issue with your VoIP system, our team of emergency network engineers will be available to get you back up and running in no time.

Recommended Technicians

Our networking technicians have been recommended by some of this industries greatest manufacturers and clients. On average 1 in 3 clients recommend Puffin Solutions.

IProject Managed Internally

Each VoIP installation is managed by Puffin Solutions. We test your internet connection prior to installation to ensure that your VoIP system runs as smoothly as possible.

State Of The Art Technology

Puffin Solutions only uses technology we approve of and believe works; we will recommend which VoIP systems will be most beneficial for your business and communications.

Customer Testimonial

"I asked Puffin Solutions to complete a survey prior to upgrading our internal phone systems. Over the years we have tried numerous products and technologies; unfortunately, none of them were able to provide what we needed. The new VoIP system that Puffin Solutions installed has been excellent. The quality of the calls have been superb, and we are still yet to experience a drop out."

Who We Have Helped

We take great pride in our work and are determinated to getting the project done, which is why we have been able to secure some of the UK’s largest brands as clients.