Cost-Effective Data Centre Containment

Our team at Puffin Solutions has worked on more than 125 containment systems in the UK and around the world. Our experienced technicians have been able to provide businesses with efficient data centre containment solutions that meet every budget.

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Data Cabling Upgrades

Our Reactive Handing hands service provides first response technical support staff that can fix any issues that may arise with your colocation equipment at any secure location base. This service means that you don’t need to travel to fix the equipment yourself or hire an outside expensive agency to deal with the issue. – Saving you time, money and minimalising downtime.

Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle Containment is used to optimise the cooling efficiency of the systems. We will build you a solid structure that consists of cooling aisles, secured shutter doors and a roof space to ensure that the cooling process of the data server is maintained. The systems use the heated air that is generated before recycling it through a cooling filtration system. The cool air that is generated maintains the systems efficiency and prevents hot spots.

Hot Aisle Containment

Hot Aisle Containment

The warm air that is generated through a Hot Aisle Containment system is equally important to the cooling process. Our Puffin technicians will build an efficient and money saving structure that will utilise the warm air that the data centres generate. Using a state of the art filtration system, our engineers will use the heated air, recycle it and use the cleaner, cooler air to optimise the cooling efficiency of the data centres.

Why Choose Us


Before your data cable installation commences a member of our supervising team will arrange a suitable time and date to meet with you and discuss your data cabling requirements. We will assess your existing set-up and make a number of beneficial recommendations along the way to help improve efficiency, speed and reliability.


Our consultation will be written up and an official quotation will be sent to you within 48-hours. Once on site, our data cabling technicians will begin to remove the existing set-up, with minimal disruption. If there are cables present that do not require any changes, we won’t touch them unless we have to.


Your data cable installation starts here. Our cabling supervisors will ensure that you have access to the fastest and most efficient cable for your requirements. Our team will then carefully install the cable and make sure that it is professionally managed, keeping it neat and tidy at all times for improved ongoing maintenance.

Configuration & Support

As with all of our data cabling services we will ensure that your new installation is fully optimised and correctly configured to work effortlessly. Once the installation has been completed, our data cabling supervisors and technical team will be available to support you and your new system in any way they can.

Customer Testimonial

"Puffin Solutions took on a significant task with us, and it could have not gone better! We were in the process of migrating our internet circuits in over 100 stores to help improve efficiency. The Puffin team worked tirelessly to get the project completed and I cannot give them enough credit as all work was completed to an exceptional standard."

Who We Have Helped

Puffin Solutions have had the opportunity to work with some of the UK’s most amazing brands. We take great pride in the work we produce and the service we offer to our clients.

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