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Data Containment Systems

Our team at Puffin Solutions has worked on more than 125 containment systems in the UK and around the world. Our experienced technicians have been able to provide businesses with efficient data centre containment solutions that meet every budget. So what is data centre containment?

Data containment comes in two formats. Hot and cold containment. The purpose is to increase the data centres cooling efficiency and to prevent hot spots. Our engineers use a variety of techniques and practices to ensure that your systems are professionally maintained and aim to keep energy costs down.

Data Containment

Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle Containment is used to optimise the cooling efficiency of the systems. We will build you a solid structure that consists of cooling aisles, secured shutter doors and a roof space to ensure that the cooling process of the data server is maintained. The systems use the heated air that is generated before recycling it through a cooling filtration system. The cool air that is generated maintains the systems efficiency and prevents hot spots.

Hot Aisle Containment

The warm air that is generated through a Hot Aisle Containment system is equally important to the cooling process. Our Puffin technicians will build an efficient and money saving structure that will utilise the warm air that the data centres generate. Using a state of the art filtration system, our engineers will use the heated air, recycle it and use the cleaner, cooler air to optimise the cooling efficiency of the data centres.

Why Choose Us

Proven Practices

We install data containment systems all year round. With more than 125 systems installed, not one has failed yet and we don’t expect any to anytime soon.

High Quality

Puffin has contacts with some of the leading data centre product manufacturers around the world. We only use the best products available for each installation.

Free Survey

An experienced networking supervisor will be at your disposal as we complete a free site survey and analysis of your existing containment set up.