As a global communications and IT solutions partner to business and government this client has annual revenue in excess of US$97 billion and serves 98 percent of the Fortune 500.

Catering to large business and government agencies alike, delivering complete communications, IT, security, and network solutions around the world. They have reached their premier status by combining its expertise, Global reach, and solutions with the right technologies to deliver what customers need.

The Project

The Client has a programme of developing Points of Presence (PoP) in to new markets in order to provide new and existing clients with improved services at competitive prices.

These PoPs are usually built in to third party co-location facilities and are of a complex design involving multiple vendors to provide the various services sold by the client. All the hardware is shipped to the site where it is to be installed to exacting standards set by the client. This includes installation of not only the devices but also the power, copper and fibre cabling.

The specific site in this instance was Reykjavik. Puffin was invited to supply an experienced engineer to work along side the Customer’s own installation engineer to complete the installation.

The requirement involved the engineer travelling to Iceland to work along side the Customer engineer. The tasks included installing the racks that were to form part of the PoP. Once the racks were installed and earthed it was possible to install the structured cabling for both the copper and fibre required for the PoP. The power cabling also needed to be installed and labelled in keeping with the Customers requirements. Once the infrastructure as in place, the hardware could be installed as per the Customer design.

All data cables were then tested and the results recorded. All cables were labelled in keeping with the Customer Labelling schedule. The scope also called for support during the power up and configuration of the devices on site.

The key challenges were the timescale and the location. The PoP was of a substantial size and the Customer installation standards were particularly stringent. As a result particular care had to be taken during the installation however there was still substantial pressure to complete the work within a tight time frame. In addition being based in Reykjavik meant that the team had to ensure that they took everything that they needed to the site as there would not be the opportunity to find replacements for anything left behind.

In addition the installation took place during the winter where the outside temperature was particularly low. The challenge of the installation standards was not a problem as the Puffin engineer had sufficient experience and knowledge to appreciate and work to the standards set by the client.

Also the flexibility in terms of hours worked meant that the installation was completed within the timescale allowed by the Customer and the PoP was brought on line.

Feedback from Client

“We invited Puffin to assist us with the POP developments as they had a stellar reputation for delivering high quality work at competitive prices. We had complete confidence in the company and the individual technicians they provided us with.”