Data Centre Migration

  • Data Centre Migration Analysis
  • Full Data Analysis and Inventory Management
  • Post Data Migration Testing
  • Project Management from Start to Finish
  • Combined 125 Years Experience
  • Providing Data Migration Assistance for Almost 10 Years

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Data Centre Relocation

Transferring data is an extremely delicate task for any business. Making sure that any Data Centre Migration goes smoothly is absolutely vital, especially when there is physical data centre hardware involved. There is simply no room for error. Puffin Solutions have developed a successful Data Migration Strategy that has a proven track record and delivers the best possible results and aims to make your data management teams lives that little bit easier.

With a combined 125 years of networking experience at your disposal, you can be sure that your business’s data is in safe hands. Each migration project is internally project managed from start to finish; our network supervisors ensure that there is a thorough plan in place before any relocation’s begin. Our full migration strategy consists of Planning, Risk Assessments, Pre-Data Migration Testing, Inventory and Data Analysis, Secure Relocation, Post-Migration Testing and a full Data Evaluation.

With over 189 data centre migration projects completed to date, Puffin Solutions has an excellent track record of relocating data centres on time and on budget. If you have any specific requirements or would like a free quotation, please contact us and one of our networking project managers will be happy to help you.

Data Migration

Why Choose Us

Data Migration Specialist

With over 189 Data Centre Migrations to date, you’re in safe hands. Previous clients have included British Telecoms and Travelodge.

Internally Project Managed

Every migration project is managed by one of our experienced networking project managers. We plan, complete and evaluate each bespoke task ourselves.

Bespoke Migration Plans

Data is vital. That’s exactly why each migration is different. Every data centre migration project we complete is 100% unique to each client.