A large Multinational IT Corporation has been updating its videoconferencing hardware at their offices around the world. The update involves the provision of a managed service that includes the provision of new circuits, the supply and installation of Cisco Telepresence endpoints such as the SX20, SX80, MX700, MX800, IX5000 and the IX5200 and the subsequent maintenance of these systems. The project started in 2016 and has continued throughout 2017.

The Project

Puffin Solutions Ltd (Puffin) has partnered with a large IT vendor and an International Service Provider to deliver the transactional service element to this project.

Where new hardware is deployed, this is shipped to the Customer site where it is received by Puffin. The hardware is then brought into the new video conference room where it is unpacked and checked for damage. The end point is then assembled, cabled and then powered up. Once the system has acquired an internet connection, the system is then commissioned with the NOC. System tests then confirm that the endpoint is ready to be used and handed over to the client.

In some cases, endpoints need to be moved as a result of changing business needs. In these cases, the requirement is slightly different. In these cases, Puffin is required to attend site and then disassemble the end point, pack it, transport it from the current location to the new location, re-assemble the unit and then commission the system in the new location. In some cases, these moves have been within the same building. In others, the requirement is to move between buildings in the same city. There have been cases where a system has needed to be shipped to an office in a different city altogether. The longest move to date has involved transporting an MX700 1,500 miles.

Puffin was charged with making sure that each unit would be dismantled properly, packaged correctly and transported quickly and safely to each new site, before reinstalling and re-commissioning the units.

Puffin would also liaise with local managers on each site prior to installations to assure access and connectivity were present before installations. Puffin would also put together full project documentation of each installation, including IP addresses, MAC addresses, serial numbers, Gateways and subnets.

When on site Puffin would be in charge of testing network connectivity and troubleshoot any issues that the site has. With our wide range of experience, Puffin was able to overcome any issues to complete the installations.
With each installation Puffin grew to know and document any site or country-specific requirements and now has a full portfolio of information to cover the client on a global basis.

Once the year was complete, the client submitted to Puffin a full breakdown of every installation completed that year, with success rates against planned installations. We were very proud to see that we had completed with a 100% success rate across all sites.

Feedback from client

It has been an intensive year!! Just to say thank you for your professionalism, flexibility and dedication. Always easy to work with you, hope we can keep working in many sites again this 2018.

Puffin is now looking into 2018 at a new rollout with the client of brand new hardware and software with Puffin being not only the most successful past installer but the preferred installer for all future installations across the globe.

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