Puffin Solutions Ltd was approached by a London based, fast food outlet, to assist in a project that would see them migrating their stores to new, faster internet circuits. These new circuits were needed to improve the customer experience and turnover within the outlets dramatically. Each site was to have a new data cabinet, new Cat6 cabling, a new router and a new switch.

Project Scope

The main objective was to switch each site to the new Circuits that had been provisioned by the Clients chosen service provider, however, the new switch and router needed a standard 19” rack that was not generally available at the sites. As a result, space had to be found in the outlet for this new rack. In many cases, this meant installing the rack into a new location and then moving the existing data infrastructure to the new cabinet location.

As the sites were extremely busy during the day and early evening, the majority of work needed to be done late at night to prevent disruption to the store. Puffin built a strong relationship with the Client’s IT team which lead to a high level of confidence and trust in the ability of Puffin to successfully deliver on the migration.

At the end of the project, every single site had been migrated without a single fault.

Feedback from client

Thank you so much for all your hard work, professionalism and dedication into getting us through this project, the business truly needed this. After the minor initial teething issues, as usual, I was hugely impressed with the quality of the project team. I think Alex would agree with me when I say that the new network is already showing us massive benefits in terms of reduction in loss of sales and overall has greatly improved the lives of our stores with our shop staff now able to concentrate on serving food rather than worrying about their store networks dying!

As an additional note, I’d be really grateful to Puffin Solutions. I think they were a credit to the project; all the cabling and cabinet install work they completed was to an exceptional standard (more than I have seen by any similar company before in my career).

Specific thanks to Craig and Adam from Puffin Solutions who I worked with on the majority of the store migrations – absolutely class jobs from both of them and really great guys that thoroughly cared about the quality of work they were delivering for Pod.

From my personal perspective, it has meant a lot to have Puffin Solutions on side in helping us to undertake this project and deliver it.