Puffin Solution had been approached by a long-standing client to offer the build and deployment for their global portfolio of Cisco Telepresence IX5000’s and MX700’s, SX80 systems. Our client had an issue with the deployments as arranging staff to travel around the world as this was not possible on this occasion.

Project Scope

The solution was to approach Puffin to provide the services of set up and set down of the Cisco Telepresence system in their global corporate offices.
We had engagement from our client who is based out of Spain, in how they wanted the systems configured and deployed and in understanding how they wanted them.

This covered 80 installs in 25 countries, globally. All of our teams involved were extremely flexible in working with the client, including the organisation of when installation could be completed. To undertake this project we had to get our network engineers to work night shift along with extra hours to ensure time for configuration.

Feedback from client

Puffin is a reliable partner and committed to the success of its customers. I want to highlight the high quality of their work, their flexibility in planning and their proactivity to solve problems.

They have completed a multitude of installations of different technologies. Among them, its performance in Cisco Telepresence technologies stands out, from the simplest to the most complex.

They have completed the following installation, commissioning and testing for IX5000 & IX5200: 10 different installs across 4 countries. For the Cisco MX700 & SX80 the had completed 80 installations in 25 countries. My highest recommendation for this reliable partner.

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