It’s fair to say that you would be a fool to think that there was an office out there with no internet connection. It’s 2017! Pretty much every person in the UK has access the internet and a whole selection of peripherals. But what are peripherals you ask? Let me explain…

Peripherals is a form of computer speak for accessories. Items such as a mouse, keyboard, hard-drive, screen and even a printer. These are all peripherals and I would be surprised if you didn’t have at least one of them in your office.

Your Office Peripherals

Let’s take a look at what peripheral devices every office probably has available:

1. Mouse
2. Keyboard
3. Screen
4. Printer
5. Fax Machine
6. Hard-Drive


It may seem obvious but every office will have a mouse installed (unless your busy working away on a tablet of some kind). Mice allow you to navigate through your desktop PC or Mac easily. Using a couple of simple clicking actions, you are able to select the item you want, move it, open, close, delete or pretty much anything you want to do with it.


Now no mouse is complete without its buddy. Every mouse will come with a keyboard as standard when you unbox a new desktop PC. The keyboard is easy to install and takes just a few minutes. Simply plug the keyboard into the PC and allow it to run. This will automatically install the latest drivers for the keyboard to work effectively.


So how are you going to do your work without seeing it? Your screen is a pretty obvious addition to your office and they can be picked up relatively cheaply depending which manufacturer you decide to go with. A standard screen will be more than good enough for a standard office so there is no need to go spending hundreds on PC monitors.


The chatting community of every office. The printer. Every office has one and every staff member is guilty of spending a little too long chatting by it. Your office printer is your unsung hero and can always provide you with a number of notes for that important meeting or presentation (even if you do need to give it a little click first).

Fax Machine

As we progress into 2017, I’m seeing fewer and fewer fax machines. Many employees prefer to use cloud storage facilities and simply send any documents to their colleagues that way. Alternatively, workers are sending documents via apps such as Drop Box and WhatsApp.


Every office has multiple hardrives available. Every PC you start working at will have a large hard-drive installed, for larger offices something along the lines of a 1TB Seagate drive will probably be fitted. Just like mice and keyboards, these need to be installed correctly. Simply fit the drive into the tower and follow the on-screen instructions for a quick and easy installation.

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