Puffin Solutions have felt very privileged this year, we have managed to complete a number of projects around the world which has allowed us to travel and experience new and exciting project.

As we have had such a wonderful year, we really wanted to do something special this Christmas.

What did we do

Puffin Solutions had the delightful opportunity to provide a local based charity with a range of toys for children who are less fortunate this Christmas.

toys in salvation army

Unfortunately, while many of us enjoy a wonderful fun-filled Christmas, there are many children out there who do not have any presents to open during the festive period. Luckily, there are some amazing people out there who work really hard to change that! The Salvation Army do there absolute best to ensure those who are homeless or living in poverty get a warm meal on Christmas day as well as somewhere to spend there day instead of being out in the cold.

James Esom and Jay Gould spent the morning learning about the situations these young children are in and how living in poverty or being young carers can drastically affect their Christmas.

We wanted to do something special this Christmas by providing these children with a little bit of joy! We are so pleased to of got so many toys in our boot, and have been overwhelmed with the kind words from the Salvation Army. They work tirelessly over the Christmas spirit to ensure people are not left alone and in a vulnerable position.

salvation army

If you want to give any toys away this Christmas, get in touch with your local The Salvation Army they aren’t just looking for toys, so if you feel like giving tinned items, or clothes away, they are more then happy to receive them. On Christmas Day they also look for volunteers to help provide care and food to the homeless and vulnerable. If you are unable to help, you can also make a donation which they are so thankful for.

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