2017 marks the 10th year Puffin Solutions have worked to install IT and cabling solutions.

Puffin Solutions first started as a small team and in recent years has expanded. We have worked with exceptional clients who have also stayed with us over the past ten years. Working closely with clients to ensure their project goes to plan and is done in an efficient manner.

Our ten year anniversary

We are so proud of the company Puffin Solutions has now become, growing at such a rate. We have worked with a number of national and international clients, among our client base we have worked closely with small, medium and large scale businesses. Recently branching our services out to Singapore, Hong Kong and the USA.

Puffin Solutions has taken the leap by working with new technologies to enhance our clients business. In recent months we installed new thin line TV for a client, this being one of the first in the country to be installed. Our leading Cisco installation team has worked hard to ensure that their training is of a high standard, branching their work to global clients which we are very proud of.

We are delighted to be marking this milestone within the company and treated our employees to a five-day sailing trip. Their dedication and hard work have helped the business develop and grow throughout the years. A massive thank-you to the team who have supported the company grow from strength to strength over the past decade.

While our company has grown and developed, there is one thing that remains the same since the day we started, and that is our company ethos. We always work hard to deliver a high-quality service and in a timely manner.

Here at Puffin Solutions we are nationally recognised as cabling experts and have worked with a number of leading brands in the UK and globally. If your business is unsure of what cabling solutions you may want then speak to one of our dedicated team for a cabling consultancy. Even after our cabling consultants have installed your cabling you can receive ongoing support.

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