When you work in a large organisation, it can sometimes be a little tricky to ensure everyone in the business is working efficiently and productively. Keeping staff engaged and working to the best of their potential is an everyday job; however, there are a few things you can put in place to improve office efficiency such as fibre cabling and other communication methods.

The best ways to improve office efficiency

Communication is key within any business if there is a lack of it you can imagine not much can be done. There is a lot that goes into making communication within a business work. Read on to find out more about the different ways you can keep your employees engaged and how to improve office efficiency.

Fibre Cabling

First things first, you will want to think about internet speed. For your employees to increase productivity, you will want to first to improve the speed of the internet. Fibre cabling is a great option for both large and small organisations. There are many benefits to office fibre cabling installations the biggest one being the cost. Fibre optic cabling may seem a tad expensive at first, but you will only reap the benefits in the long run. As the cabling is both reliable and durable, the total cost of ownership is much lower.

The amount of information that can travel through these cables is much more than your bog standard copper cabling. This means files can be sent without any time lag and they are much more secure in the process. It also means that employees are able to download files quickly.

fibre optic pink cabling

Air Quality

It may seem a little odd but have you ever been distracted or unmotivated when it is too cold or hot. Bad air quality can have a significant impact on how well your staff are working. If the office is one of the extremes of being too hot or cold, you can often cause what is known as the sick building syndrome. When this starts to happen in an office typical symptoms, include a headache, chronic fatigue and coughing. Another thing to take into consideration is by installing a good air conditioning unit in the office you can improve productivity by 10%.

Digital Screens

Digital Screens such as audio visual systems that track employee performance is a great way of motivating your staff. Workplace transparency plays a vital role in ensuring staff are committed and productive. By knowing what other colleagues are doing and how they do it only motivates others more. It can also help teams work together to efficiently meet targets and KPIs.

Office Furniture

The type of furniture you have in the office can also affect how employees feel. Sitting down all day is the new smoking if you think about your staff work long period s of time sat at a desk. So why not consider looking at standing desk, or adjustable desks from Sit-Stand.com.

A lot of health problems stem from the workforce having to sit in chairs for hours such has pack pain, neck strain and even athiritus. Why not recommend your staff go for a walk every hour to stretch their legs, or encourage staff to get up and go make a cup of tea.


Much like sitting down at a desk all day, eating unhealthy food because it is fast and easy is another habit office workers are prone to. We highly recommend ensuring each team has fresh fruit and healthy snacks readily available to them. Employees love free snacks, so why not help your teams stay healthy, with healthy body comes a healthy mind. As well as healthy snacks making your employees more productivity it has also been proven to improve their overall performance. Some of the best superfoods you can supply your staff include:

  • Nuts
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Blueberries
  • Bananas


Meeting Rooms

A large number of people have stated that when they have a meeting they feel it has been unproductive and normally means they have to have about two to three before they have got to where they want to be. One of the best ways to overcome this is by looking at how your employees are conducting meetings. Are they having to sit on long international calls with distractions?

It might sound a little strange but you need to make the meeting room as uncomfortable as possible. If you currently have comfy chairs and sofas, get rid! By making employees more cosy in meetings they are more likely to become lacklustre.

Another way to improve productivity is to look at installing video conferencing tools. A lot of staff say they are wasting valuable working time travelling to get to meetings, it is also wasting a lot of money in the business, think about all the travelling expenses. With a good conferencing system it means you can communicate much better and also makes the working process much more efficient.

meeting room


Noise is unavoidable in an office, you have the clicking of the keyboard, the light humming of office discussion and ringing telephones. On average, an employee will get distracted every 11 minutes, which is a lot when you think about the hours they work in a day.

Provide staff with individual working rooms or quiet zones in the office. If you do not have the space to do this, then why not think about purchasing each employee a set of noise cancelling headphones. Not only will they enable staff to block out the noise but it will also indicate to other employees that it is now time to leave them alone to work.

Improving office efficieny

It can sometimes be a tricky task of improving how the office becomes more efficient. Especially, when employees are set in old habits. However, by following these top tips we are sure you can boost not only moral but also motivation among staff to work harder. Having a motivated team is a great way of boosting productivity throughout the workforce.

If you have tried any of these tips let us know how you got on!

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