When you go to university, you end up having a lot of free time, which many students take for granted and up spending the time chilling or going out. But there are many different ways you can encourage university students to spend longer in university. Here we tell you all about the different ways you can help improve university students study time.

University students: what do they need?

To ensure your university students are getting what they are paying for, you will want to ensure your university building is kitted out with the right technology to help improve their learning experience.

Internet speed

Thousands of students will be using your universities internet, to complete work and download files. It is imperative that this internet connection is up to scratch in terms of speed and safety. One of the best ways to do this is by installing fibre cabling for universities. Fibre cabling is fantastic for increased bandwidth; this means that more information can travel through the cabling at one time in comparison to your standard copper cables. Internet speed helps increase student productivity and allows them to work at a quicker rate rather than having to wait for documents to download.


Students rely heavily on a good quality wifi connection, can you imagine if they only had one location within the whole university to connect to the internet. With a great wifi, it allows students to add multiple devices to the wifi network.

If the wifi connection is better on campus than in their university halls, students will be more inclined to stay in school. It will also allow your students to get a head start on assignments, according to Computer World 75% of students said they earned better grades due to good wifi on campus.

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Site Blockers

Encourage students to use sites such as WasteNoTime, it allows your students to block out social media sites or other websites they may find distracting for certain periods of time. It means even though they have access to the internet they are only able to use certain websites. Students will also be able to track their time online efficiently. If you would like to block yourself completely from the internet so you can crack on with work, this application also allows you to do this.

SelfControl is also another great application that will help with any distractions. If you have a macOS then this will allow you to add websites to a blacklist – those that your students may find distracting. You are also able to set a timer, this means if you wish to study for a certain amount of time during the day you can do so undistracted.

Online Planners

A lot of universities are all about self-learning, for many its all about learning how to organise your life. Why not consider using online planners MyStudyLife is an excellent platform for you to add a study schedule, it is also a great platform in which you can provide students tasks. Once tasks have been provided, you can then track who has completed it. You can also provide students with reminders and updates, for example, if a class has changed or they have an assignment due. It is also available on all devices so that students can look at it at any time.

Designated Quiet Zones

It may seem a little obvious, but not everyone can study with noise around them. A lot of university students want to come into the university to get away from the distraction of their halls or shared living home. So a great way of encouraging university students to crack on with their assignments is to provide them with a quiet space to learn and study.

Additionally, students may need to work on group projects so they may need designated rooms for this. To assist with their assignment why not think about fitting a range of audio visual systems, this will allow each student to see the project. It can also help when it comes to practising presentations.

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Create Step by Step List

Who doesn’t love a checklist? When it comes to assignments, it can often be overwhelming for students. Especially when it comes to larger tasks such as dissertations. So, to help with planning and helping students feel as though they are achieving something, a checklist is imperative.

Assignments can be broken down into sections; we know that university is a lot of independent learning. So, if you do not want to create this checklist for them, encourage them to do it on their own. By ticking things off a checklist, work becomes more productive.

Why encourage the use of technology in studying?

There are a number of benefits to why it’s important to use technology throughout education. The most important being, it is a great way to ensure students are staying engaged. When most of the students will be graduating and going into jobs that use technology in a range of ways its imperative they have basic knowledge.

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Online Access

A great thing about encouraging students to use online platforms, means they are able to research information that is more up-to-date. It also means you can upload every book within the university; you can also have more students looking at each textbook at one time. Unfortunately, resources are limited which can be a pain for students as they may have to wait weeks on end to have access to books.

It is also much cheaper for the university to have everything online. Textbooks can cost an absolute fortune, so by scanning them all online you can eliminate this issue.

Encourage Study

Even though university students pay thousands of pounds to attend their course, they often do not spend as long as they should actually studying. Providing them with the best facilities and improving their internet speed and wifi, it ensures students have access to great study time. Encourage students to download online tools such as site blockers and online planners to ensure their study sessions are undistracted and effective.

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